3D Fuzion GeForce 7600 GS

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EK-MDi 30th August 2006, 18:26 Quote
This card seems like such great value. I might upgrade to it, until Direct3D 10 supporting graphics cards come out.
Cheap Mod Wannabe 30th August 2006, 18:28 Quote
Wow, I am seriously impressed. For that price such games run at high resolution, high settings and playable frames. I think it is awesome how cheap gaming can be nowadays.

Also interestingly you can still find Geforce FX5700 series for 80$ in you shop around local stores. Add $20, and buy online instead, and here you've got yourself a great card. If manufacturers keep releasing so many new products and price cuts, I believe soon no one will shop in stores.
Tim S 30th August 2006, 18:37 Quote
I saw a 6200 Turbo Cache in Dixons (a popular UK Electronics retailer) for £80 a couple of weeks back - I nearly cried. It's good value and if you can find it at a decent price, the 3D Fuzion card isn't bad.
Orca 30th August 2006, 22:58 Quote
I used this card for my friend's budget pc set up. Didn't even need to overclock it and it still performs well :)
Spacecowboy92 30th August 2006, 23:14 Quote
Originally Posted by Tim S
I saw a 6200 Turbo Cache in Dixons (a popular UK Electronics retailer)

I think you mean as they are now called. (well mine is)
Tim S 30th August 2006, 23:38 Quote
yeah, Curry' it's still Dixons in my eyes :p
zoot2boot 31st August 2006, 04:17 Quote
dunno. i always find the estimates of playable to be slightly optimistic. taking nothing from the review but when everytime you get three things you want to shoot on the screen at a time it dives to 12-15 fps, i wouldn't really count that as playable tbh. well, it is playable, but fustrating.
Tim S 31st August 2006, 05:48 Quote
Where do the frame rates drop to 12-15fps?

That is an absolute minimum and we aim for most of our frames to be above 30 frames per second in first-person shooters. Being an ex-CS player, frame rates above 30fps are very important to me - my eyes are very sensitive to lag and I can assure you that I've seen other people happy with higher details and a massive amount of frame lag.

If you want 12-15fps in firefights, I can certainly aim for that though... ;)
mclean007 31st August 2006, 11:03 Quote
Was there any particular reason why you used the Asus P5W DH Deluxe for the ATi test but used the Asus P5N32-SLI SE for the NVidia test? Given that both cards were used exclusively in single-GPU mode, I don't understand why they couldn't use the same board? Wouldn't that have given the fairest comparison?

EDIT: Tim, looking at your posting times, you keep some INSANE hours!
Tim S 31st August 2006, 11:15 Quote
I've got two different systems set up and I'm looking towards 'running multi-gpu' later down the line. Since you can't run SLI on 975X (officially) and CrossFire on nForce4 SLI, I chose to keep ATI and NVIDIA test beds separate (I should take a picture sometime).

I couldn't sleep last night, hence the crazy hours.

anyone want a sore throat and cough? :)
mclean007 31st August 2006, 11:59 Quote
Ah, that explains all. Thanks!

I look forward to seeing the multi-GPU results for these cards. I still think SLI/Crossfire is a great thing for budget gamers - you buy one low-mid range card now and play current games at adequate settings, then add another when you can afford and when the price has dropped, to give better settings for existing games / more longevity for future games.
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