EVGA e-GeForce 7900 GT KO Superclock

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rupbert 28th July 2006, 16:38 Quote
Nice warranty, and I like the upgrade idea; rewards consumers who are willing to stay with one brand.
DougEdey 28th July 2006, 17:17 Quote
Is that upgrade/warranty just on that Superclocked edition? Or is on the standard 7900GT
Tim S 28th July 2006, 17:45 Quote
check the terms on EVGA's site ;)
[1N0V471V] 28th July 2006, 17:58 Quote
I'm on my third KO Superclocked -- I've yet to get one that works.
Neogumbercules 28th July 2006, 18:45 Quote
I had a KO non-SC in my bookmarks, and went to order it last night for my new computer. Unfortunately it had sold out from Newegg so I ordered a "normal" 7900GT with the same clocks and other specs for the same price. Go figure. I made sure it was the newer revision, so I don't think I'll have to RMA anything...I hope.

I'll be getting the Accelero S1 from Arctic Cooling when it comes out if it gets good reviews from some trusted websites (ahem). My greatest concern is whether or not it covers the memory modules, as it's totally passive.
img 28th July 2006, 19:01 Quote
all saying about the warrenty but really are you going to have this card in your system more than a few years
serial_ 28th July 2006, 19:10 Quote
I run one of these cards and it does have some huge nuts. I run a three screen array (see project) and like to run WoW windowed and have the net up, and usually a video - makes grinding levels and questing a lot less gruesome. I had previously owned a GeForce 7600GT, and it was a peice. Returning it to Newegg and getting a 7900 KO was probably one of the best decisions i've made this year. With WoW running windowed and maximized (1680x1050) I get an average framerate of about 50+. This is while watching my LOTR on DVD and browsing the interweb. Solid card, and props to Asus for keeping the bus/slot layout seperate enough as to not have one card's activity impede the other (a problem I had previously experienced.

It's a good buy and i've enjoyed it, worked great out of the box, and I like the connecters. You can never have too many.

- serial_
striker289 29th July 2006, 04:01 Quote
Originally Posted by [1N0V471V]
I'm on my third KO Superclocked -- I've yet to get one that works.

i got my new 7900gt on monday from EVGA after a RMA And its rock solid.
perplekks45 29th July 2006, 14:04 Quote
Participants will be allowed, for one time only, to trade in their existing EVGA video card and upgrade to the newest and greatest currently available.
Did I get this right? You'll buy the cheapest card involved in the Step-Up program and get a 7900GTX? Hell yea I'ma do this! :D
Tim S 29th July 2006, 15:12 Quote
Yes, you could theoretically buy a 7600 GT (or similar now) and then 'Step-Up' to an 8000-series card when they come out if you're waiting for DX10 hardware. :)
Cheap Mod Wannabe 29th July 2006, 18:15 Quote
Damn I just bought 7900GT frin XFX a week ago...

=( Now I'm saddened
inflatable 29th July 2006, 22:06 Quote
Originally Posted by Cheap Mod Wannabe
Damn I just bought 7900GT frin XFX a week ago...

=( Now I'm saddened
Why? Any 7900GT is a good buy imho..
8-BALL 29th July 2006, 23:09 Quote
Originally Posted by aon`aTv.gsus666
Did I get this right? You'll buy the cheapest card involved in the Step-Up program and get a 7900GTX? Hell yea I'ma do this! :D

I think maybe you misunderstood.

You can trade it in like you would an old car. You still have to pay the difference over the value of the card you are trading in.

AL-JiNN AL-ASWaD 30th July 2006, 04:15 Quote

The duration of the EVGA Step-up™ Program is limited to 90 days after the date of purchase (the purchase date shown on the invoice or receipt).

I've checked around for the date on the G80s. Does any have this information ?
sl1xx 30th July 2006, 04:54 Quote
it's a good card but it's worth waiting for the 80 series but that whole trade your card thing sounds good wish they would all do that !
Cheap Mod Wannabe 30th July 2006, 16:12 Quote
Originally Posted by inflatable
Why? Any 7900GT is a good buy imho..

Well cause now I think I will not be upgrading to g80 anytime soon.
DXR_13KE 30th July 2006, 16:17 Quote
i think i will wait until the G80s come, does anyone know when will this happen?
Tim S 30th July 2006, 17:30 Quote
There's a hint here but I can't be any more specific than that at the moment.
perplekks45 30th July 2006, 17:50 Quote
3rd quarter 2006? What did ATI say when to release R600? 4th q 06 or 1st q 07?
Cheap Mod Wannabe 31st July 2006, 19:28 Quote
So only the g80 and further will be DirectX 10 compatible?

How about those people with +$1000 SLI card combo's?

What DirectX10 support actually means? From what I understand it is just a card that meets Microsoft DirectX hardware specifications, and has driver support.

I'm totally ignorant on DirectX, so I was just thinking. Am I right? Could nVidia/Ati just write a driver for current cards, and if the card is hardware capable it will then be DirectX compatible?
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