BFG Tech GeForce 7800 GS OC AGP

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TomH 8th February 2006, 19:24 Quote
Well, mine came today (fast as hell from Scan :D ).

Ran 3DMark '05, and I've been running through Quake 4 etc. Feels great to be gaming again, and more importantly -- faster than last time!

Won't post up the same info twice, it's all here.
tintin 10th February 2006, 16:29 Quote
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
If youve got a 3.2C P4 on a 865PE/875 board with AGP8x that's still not that much slower than stuff out today.

i've got a 3.4 P4 on an 875P chipset and i was looking to upgrade my 9800XT to GeForce 7800 GS this wise or should i just go for pci express in like 3 years when i can afford it?
TomH 10th February 2006, 18:19 Quote
Originally Posted by tintin
i've got a 3.4 P4 on an 875P chipset and i was looking to upgrade my 9800XT to GeForce 7800 GS this wise or should i just go for pci express in like 3 years when i can afford it?
I think the general concensus I've had is to stick with something like that. It's probably not worth the upgrade, unless you were going to new architecture along with it. :)
customh 11th February 2006, 01:50 Quote
Id have to disagree, if its going to be three years, i would upgrade if you feel like your games aren't looking good and you just want something better, otherwise wait til you can switch you board and all to pci-e. Or you could go with a cheaper 6600gt agp of whatever is the next lowest (i cant remember if they did a 6800gt agp)
TomH 12th February 2006, 14:25 Quote
Well yeah, three years is a long time to wait. Might wanna do it next year sometime :D

And yes, they did make 6600 and 6600GT versions in AGP :)
Loomy 13th February 2006, 14:56 Quote
I'd love to know why nobody is comparing the 6800gs to the 7800gs.

Because they are apparently the same speed:

BF2 at 1600x1200, 4x AA

6800GS: ~29-31fps
7800gs: 31.4fps

When you factor in the mod for the 6800gs, it should be faster than the 7800gs. When you factor in the cheaper price, the 6800gs seems like a very, very good buy.
computerman0416 15th February 2006, 02:13 Quote
I bought my 7800 GS last night. SHould be here in about a week. I think it will out perform my current 9600XT! LOL!
myselfinsideout 22nd February 2006, 04:48 Quote
I will tell ya, I have this one and it rocks, 460 core & 1350 effective

you can overclock to 490 and 1.49

I run mine at 480 1.4

I can play any game on max

I tested on FEAR ON MAX and 40 was my lowest, average was 68 or something, I reached 89 for highest.

If just on high settings it averages around 100

this is a sweet deal if you didnt want to go all out and rebuild
This one is flawless.
I picked mine up for 3bills @ New#$g

gigabyte board
XP 2900 CPU
plus the 7800
epower 500w 12v 28amp otherwise I wouldnt own it, Its good and its cheap $50.50
computerman0416 22nd February 2006, 05:46 Quote
I recieved last night and installed with default settings. I will turn on additional setting tonight to see how well it runs
myselfinsideout 22nd February 2006, 07:24 Quote
Hey let me know how you like this card, Did you get the BFG, XFX, or EVGA?

I think it will make your 9600 look like an infant, lol. :)
irondog 22nd February 2006, 17:14 Quote
Hi guys,
as I want to buy this card and watercool it, can anybody tell me which is the distance between the two holes around the HIS AGP bridge in order to install ZALMAN ZM-VHS1 cooler?

myselfinsideout 23rd February 2006, 03:44 Quote
You can call the companies 800#, they should be able to tell ya, or look at look at zalmans websit compatibility charts
irondog 23rd February 2006, 08:24 Quote
Originally Posted by myselfinsideout
You can call the companies 800#, they should be able to tell ya, or look at look at zalmans websit compatibility charts

I've found no infos on Zalmas website...
hairylegs 9th April 2006, 13:57 Quote
NEW user. Thanks for the info on the BFG 7800 GS OC. Note, this card is said to be able to run Windows Vista. We all know that with the changing times with computers that upgrading is a fact of life. What if you look at this in another way. Lets say that you have or need more than one computer. For example:
A laptop, PDA, Desktop, gamer, and a Media PC. Looking at the last 3 one size does not have to fit all. In my case, which started my web search, I have a 3.4E P4 in my system I am using now. Also, another motherboard Asus P4P 800 Deluxe and a few other parts left over from when I built my system that I would like to convert into a Media PC. My plan was when I built my system was to make a Media PC/ Gamer and it works pretty good with the ATI X800XT all-in-wonder video card, but get beat alot playing half life 2 death match and the system never did work exactly the way I wanted. I realized that one mega computer is really not the way to go for me especialy now with all the changes with hardware components, but when making a few computers to do what I want to do and I can upgrade what needs too and still have the power to do what I need and cut costs. My question to everyone is: If I have mosty all of what I need to build a media PC except for another video card, slient PSU, a 2nd TV tunner card, and the O/S, woud it be worth it and would this be the AGP Video Card for the job? Because AGP video cards are getting harder to come-by and I try to stay in the middle of the road for upgrading most parts, also replacement parts would be alot cheaper down the road, but have to consider O/S changes later. Finally: all I am saying is lets take the card for whats its worth and should we use it for some things if the price is right? Thanks! :)
Callum 9th April 2006, 14:46 Quote
Originally Posted by Nature
Man, in China, Japan, mexico, (in fact all countries poorer than western ones)

Japan really doesn't belong in that list.
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