HIS Radeon X800GTO IceQ II iTurbo

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Shadowed_fury 7th October 2005, 17:22 Quote
Interesting review.
Won't last long though, with newer cards coming out from both sides soon.
Tim S 7th October 2005, 17:28 Quote
Yeah, that's why we didn't give it an award. Crazily, it's got a shelf life of less than two months if X1600XT ships on time.
Da Dego 7th October 2005, 17:30 Quote
What a shame...a pretty respectable card. Why didn't they do this earlier?
dom_ 7th October 2005, 18:34 Quote
seems like a great bargain!
Tim S 7th October 2005, 18:42 Quote
Originally Posted by dom_
seems like a great bargain!
It is, we're just worried about availability, shelf life and the non-arrival of the HIS X800GT in the UK marketplace. We reviewed that product at the start of September and it still hasn't appeared in the UK. :(
Reaper_Unreal 7th October 2005, 20:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Da Dego
What a shame...a pretty respectable card. Why didn't they do this earlier?
I agree, had they done this 3 months ago or so, it would've been the most popular card out there, but now, just 2 months from the X1600 ship date, I can't see this getting much attention. Might want to mention why you didn't give it an award at the end of the article though.
Tim S 7th October 2005, 20:19 Quote
It seems that the Radeon X800GTO currently has no competition, but we are not quite sure how long this card will sell for at the moment, with the expectation for X1600XT to hit the ground running towards the end of November. We're also unsure as to whether HIS' X800GTO will ever be sold in the UK either, as the GT still hasn't been spotted on the shelves here. There are plenty of other X800GTO's readily available if you feel that the baseline performance of this card is worth your money, though.
frodo 8th October 2005, 19:07 Quote
well... its pointless, spend a few more £ and get an x800gto2 like myself... o' look mines already unlcoked to an x850xtpe (pipelines + speed wise) and ho' sh!te i only spend £150 lol....

must admit, i dont regret my purchase, i know the newer cards are coming out, but i cant be bothered to spend £300+ on a gfx card, that this card can keep up with, maybe when prices drop i'll get a newer card
Reaper_Unreal 8th October 2005, 21:44 Quote
Well, that'll teach me to read everything thoroughly.
fatfairy2005 14th February 2006, 16:17 Quote
This is a great card but if the fan is set at any speed less than 100% then it starts making a noise like a cricket or ciccada.

Don't bother trying to get any support from HIS they don't answer web site support forms or emails.

Such a shame that a company can't be bothered to support their products when they have a flaw.
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