Intel Haswell vs AMD Richland - the GPU test

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teppic 5th July 2013, 18:55 Quote
Rather, it's clear that the APU is perfect for occasional gamers or people who don't mind lower settings. Cheap Intel processors don't necessarily outperform the APUs, for example the A10-6800K wil beat an i3 3220, as well as giving ~HD6670 graphics performance.
wolfticket 11th July 2013, 00:59 Quote
Originally Posted by Gradius
CPU+GPU will never works! Imagine the heat boost it will get every generation? Totally impractical.
Actually an APU is a more efficient than the equivalent discrete setup, so the total TDP should be lower than a similarly powerful conventional system for any any generation.

Also, this rather assumes a somewhat linear relationship between computing power and heat output, in which case we'd already need a heatsink the size of a washing machine and a fan from a hovercraft to cool our current systems :)
LightningPete 15th July 2013, 16:12 Quote
Ehy you lot are arguing over sli and crossfire is beyond me. Buying a single more powerful card rather than 2 at once is so much more sensible and works and most can satisfy dual setup monitors. If your after three or more or use it other than gaming then fine. But tbh its a market thats not appealing at all to the majority of PC users. Although there is the uniquness to having two or three or four to your setup. Unless of course you still do that sciency folding malarky that everyones forgotton about
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