AMD A10-6800K and A10-6700 (Richland) Reviews

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law99 7th June 2013, 10:14 Quote
Originally Posted by rollo
This is a high end forum in a way very few people are on low end computers on this forum, Everyone just about has spent £1k on there pcs minimum. Some have spent double or tripple that on them. Theres even foke with £2k-3k Alienware Rigs out in this forum.

Everybody stop what they are doing... can you afford £1k on pc hardware? "yes" Then you should spend £1k on your HTPC that might do some light gaming. I'm informed because I have expensive stuff that uses power and spend money.
Originally Posted by rollo
As people have said for the Low end AMD is fine but if you have a discrete gpu for 1080p gaming and you must have AMD is a none entity. the i3 which is £93 does the same job in games as this chip does.

Forgets about onboard graphics conveniently for statement.
Originally Posted by rollo
Lets get this clear niether AMD or Intels onboard will do 1080p gaming at any decent settings you would be better off on a xbox or playstation. You may not like this fact but its the truth however blunt it might be.

Forgets consoles mainly deal in 720p. Then remembers onboard graphics and chucks into the same boat as Intel's... ???
Originally Posted by rollo
Of the 3 computers in my house I personally brought them all and handed them down once I was finished with them. My parents are on a core 2 duo system from the stone age, Guess what its still far to fast for them with a SSD equiped it flys through tasks like no tommorow for there very basic usages.

They will get my current gaming pc when I finally retire it and it will last them till 2020 id imagine before it will be showing its age for there very basic usage. ( which is the same thing 90% of the population use it for Word, Facebook, Email)

What? So I should buy another pc for £1k and give mine to my parents when I can build the cheapest acceptable performance for a long time with AMD??? £40 on processor... recycle parts I have lying around... new board £40... old sataII ssd... I'm pretty sure they'll be going on it for another 5 years.
Originally Posted by rollo
Compare the 5800k of AMD to this 6800k if i was buying either id buy the 5800k its a much better value for money chip that does the same in games - 1-2fps. I mensioned what it does in games as thats what people seem to be arguing as a benifit.

Now all of the sudden I should buy an a10 5800k because it's ok at games, although the new one is slightly better.

And yes, we mention the onboard gfx... because the cpu provides good enough performance whilst the onboard gfx provides superior performance to intel that actually makes a difference to our choices.

"Do I need a discreet gpu" and "do I need to buy micro atx rather than itx to get an extra pcie slot" and "what psu will I be able to buy to reduce noise/power consumption etc? Pico, sfx, atx?" and "what does this manufacture champion and perpetuate as an experience over the other for continuing support and updates"

Sorry if I'm being a ***** with the dissection... I've just never really bothered commenting on such an exacerbating thread.
GuilleAcoustic 7th June 2013, 11:28 Quote
For me it's all settled. I can't stand my huge Q6600 anymore, it's too big and since my HD5870 died I don't see the point in bying a new GPU. All I play at is Minecraft, Path of exile and some Indies. My main use is digital painting and programming (with requirement of openGL).

I'm going with an ITX FM2 board + A10-6700 + SSD + Pico inside a custom case. Affordable, light weighted and very small. The A10 is still faster than my Q6600 (which will be given to my nephew) and consume less while having a decent GPU for light gaming. I started playing in 1989, so a good game has a good gameplay, not just good GFX. The only option I can't resolve myself to turn off is "shadows". Without shadow, characters feels like they are floating, but a simple circle on the ground is way enough to give the information of contct with the ground :D.

I could afford an i7 with Titan, but I just don't see the point of throwing that much money into a computer for the solve reason of "having good GFX". I have a family and I've ancourtered starving and lack of money ... I know where are my priorities. Playing 720p games w/o AA and simple shadows is perfectly fine to me, as long as the game is good. All I want is : is it good enough for programming ? is it good enough for myPaint and Gimp ? canI play Minecraft and POE ? is it small and low power consumption ? The answer is yes with the A10, so don't see the point of buying Intel (and I keep the PCIe for a tuner, a data acquisition card or anything else).
SuicideNeil 7th June 2013, 15:43 Quote
Originally Posted by law99
Rover were awful anyway.

I don't think liking things that are the best is a bad thing, but, because of a gaming bias, people are jumping on the "AMD is not relevant anymore" band wagon and making spurious value comments without checking any facts on the matter or considering other positions, be it intended main function or whatever.

AMD gaming performance is poor, fact. AMD computing performance is poor, fact. Your point was...?

Sites like Bit-Tech have reviewed the APU honestly with a mean to understand it's function and place in the market. For low power gaming it fits the bill. The scores they give are relevant for the time and place.

True, but the score still seems far too high considering actual computing performance, power draw & gaming performance isn't actually all that great. It would be like Bit-tech reviewing the Intel stuff and giving it a really high score and just shrugging their shoulders at the heat issues because the CPU performance was good enough to off-set it.

If I want to build a media pc that can play some Diablo or Skyrim at 720p on a low preset without breaking 100 watts... I can with the 6700. I can play quite a lot of games actually at probably almost similar settings to an HD console... which I can't with an i3 without making more serious concessions, like losing HTPC functionality. (read: I don't want to sacrifice form factore. I don't want to lose an HD tuner pcie card. I don't want to use a discreet card)

Who the feck games at 720p? There are several small gfx cards around that fit perfectly into htpc cases, and will give the same or better performance than the AMD APU route.

In fact at the level of performance you get, I fail to understand how you couldn't arguably call it an "enthusiast" part, because, actually it is reasonably competitive. (probably because you are missing the point of intended use; be it form factor or whatever)

You are delusional- comparing the gaming abilites of the APU to an i3 + low-mid range gfx card, you will see the APU get blown out of the water. And like I said, form factor is a moot point thanks to small gfx cards these days.


I read this forum and site and I am not on minimum wage. I have a fairly reasonable PC. I am interested in PC tech. Therefore, I'm interested in pretty much the whole thing, not just the range at the top. If there is an experience to have and you can't see past your GTX670 and core i CPU then that is your problem... this review is a review on the merits available to its price point. Not your £500+ gaming pc build.

I wanted a good experience, not a bad one; I went intel :)

It is to AMDs credit that the APU can invoke these arguments. The fact that they have an APU that is clearly playable in this market obfuscates your judgement. A quick look around the internet reveals I could play Bioshock infinte for instance, on the previous model at reasonable settings at 720p... is that a bad thing? What about the new model with slightly better power consumption? (why not look here at what anandtech are showing today?)

It invokes these arguements because some people think low end gaming systems and mediocre cpu power is comparable to something far better, albeit at a higher price. You cannot compare AMD and Intel at anything other than the low end. Stop being silly...

Then you start saying things like "if you were building from scratch" ??? What sort of justification is that? Are you saying that I should only buy second hand so that I can receive worse performance in the key areas I'd be looking at buying this APU for?

That makes no sense- you failed to understand my point. If you were replacing a 10 year old PC, and only wanted fairly low end gaming and CPU results, then AMD makes sense as it gives you what you want at a better price than intel does ( CPU + GPU ). If however you already had a 3 gen old Intel system ( i3 or i5 like me & shown in the testing charts ), then there is little to gain by selling up and buying an AMD APU based system. It would make more sense to just upgrade the gfx card on the Intel system, and save a boat load of time, effort and money. Likewise if you had a fairly good AMD socket am3/am3+ system- which put performed the fist APUs as I'm sure you know, then upgrading would hardly be worth it also- just stick a better gfx card i there and call it job-done.

This argument boggles me. (Let alone before we look at it from the perspective of Bit-Tech who are doing a job of describing what we have now... which is considerable better than recycling a core2 if you want to do anything other than simple playback and spreadsheets and need a small form factor and tdp)

No one said anything about recycling a core2- you have invented this argument becasue yours is falling to pieces around you.

I don't want to use old tech for things it wasn't designed for with diminishing support. Which is basically what you are inferring. That I should dig out my 4200+ because it is good enough... which is hilarious really because the fact is; the argument flipped on its head. I have the money to go out an build a low power machine for an HTPC that can also be used for light gaming, with support for the latest features, and you want me to start recycling old stuff to ... I don't know what you want me to do??? It's like my head is caving in on its self trying to understand what you want from me or the rest of the public for that matter.

See above- no one said you should hold onto an antiquated system, I said you will not gain anything if upgrading from a system that is maybe 2-3 years old. I have no idea where you get your ideas from- I write one thing, you read something completely different and decide to start ranting & rambling because you cannot understand the very simple points I made...

And I'm not unaware of the irony of the above statement - which is what further makes me feel like giving up typing as it is like a complete wallbash - the a10 series offers good enough processing for everything else... but the fact is, it is almost exemplary in the market it is trying to occupy at the given price point. Something that core2, i3 or Atom and Pentium cannot deliver.

AMD knows it can't touch intel outside of the low-mid range, so it has pretty much given up and decided to concentrate on marketing itself as a low-mid range option. This means that most gamers won't touch AMD anymore ( for the APU option ), and that limits their appeal to a very small market of htpc builders ( growing maybe, but AMD may not survive that long, who knows... ), and budget gamers who no-doubt will want better performance at some point, meaning they will need a discrete gfx card; at which point they realise they may as well have just gone Intel to start with.
GuilleAcoustic 7th June 2013, 16:04 Quote
Originally Posted by SuicideNeil
Who the feck games at 720p? There are several small gfx cards around that fit perfectly into htpc cases, and will give the same or better performance than the AMD APU route.

I do game on a 17" (1280 x 1024) Eizo screen, and I know a lot of people playing on 1280x1024 screen (17 or 19 inches). Why would I change my screen while it still works great and doesn't limits me ? I know screens are "cheap" now, but what a waste of money.

Console gamers are playing @720p and don't complain ...
SuicideNeil 7th June 2013, 17:37 Quote
Console gamers.... *vomits*
GuilleAcoustic 7th June 2013, 18:02 Quote
Originally Posted by SuicideNeil
Console gamers.... *vomits*

.... OK .... so only F***** elitist with 1K's+ rig are allowed to game .... I won't say what I'm thinking and act like you are just trolling.
Harlequin 7th June 2013, 19:29 Quote
totally love the troll posts:,3471-4.html

toms have done an AMD vs Intel review , and *gasp* both are good for playing games

in real world , they are both fine.
MrJay 7th June 2013, 20:57 Quote
I don't understand why People will AMD to launch some competitive silicone and the totally bash them when they launch a competitive spot on product. Yes they have no awnser to Intel's top end but AMD's APU range is good at what it is designed to do.

It fills a hole. It drives Intel to strive for better IGPs.

For me they really shine in the laptop sector. My girlfriends £350 APU based laptop serves all of her needs (inc gaming). The equivilant priced Intel based laptop would not come close for the gaming side of things.

The APU range is a jack of all trades, master of none...Which is funnily enough what most people need, as much functionality as they can have at the lowest price point.

They no they can't compete so they skim over the market and fill the cracks.
leexgx 9th June 2013, 19:25 Quote
some nice read in here, I have to agree the score seems OK for what the a10 is targeted for

what I would say is never buy an E type amd CPU (or c z g so on ) unless your doing video stuff they really suck ***** very bad, slower then an dual core ATOM CPU (amd should be limiting bobcat cpus to netbooks as thats where they belong)
mikemaher205 16th June 2013, 20:16 Quote
With regards to folding... Does the client recognise the GPU and CPU separately and allow you to fold on both at the same time?
Farfalho 23rd September 2013, 23:21 Quote
My psu and mobo recently died, (AM2+ rig). For new pc and somewhat on a budget, I was leaning towards this APU.
Now I have a doubt that I couldn't find any answer to it:
Will this APU bottleneck a HD79XX graphics card and the max is only to HD78XX or there is no bottleneck at all?
leexgx 16th January 2014, 21:44 Quote
ops incorrect thread
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