Intel Sandy Bridge E Review

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Lizard 17th November 2011, 21:35 Quote
Originally Posted by Pookeyhead
Arrgh!.. maybe too late. Tell me though... will the Corsair H100 be in the test?

Yes, it is being tested on LGA2011.
Pookeyhead 17th November 2011, 21:52 Quote
To be honest, I'm not getting the H100 because I think it's any better than a decent HSF... I really do not want to hang 2Kg of metal off a £230 motherboard. I've had this TRUE on my rig for years without trouble, but I can definitely see it sag a few mm when I turn the case over from flat to upright.

Id just be happier if I could eliminate that. So long as it;s in the same kind of ball park as a Noctua or TRUE I'll be happy with the lack of weight saving alone.
Seb.F 18th November 2011, 08:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Pookeyhead
I really do not want to hang 2Kg of metal off a £230 motherboard.

Surely it will be hanging off the case, not the motherboard?
AlienwareAndy 18th November 2011, 19:37 Quote
to justify it's Extreme Edition price.

To justify it is extreme edition price. Good review.
maverik-sg1 19th November 2011, 14:32 Quote
No reason to change until Ivy Bridge then, cool :)
dream1 23rd November 2011, 14:36 Quote
Woow I like this CPU It is just what i need for rendering great :)
BarryBear 23rd November 2011, 20:09 Quote
Such a great series of CPU do want shame about the chipset was hoping for more native sata3 etc.

I would love an Overclockers UK Mug!
cave_diver 18th February 2012, 19:56 Quote
Is there a reason why the review of the 3930K redirects to an external website? CPC - have you been hacked :D
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