The Best Sub-£100 CPU

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Scootiep 2nd November 2011, 12:49 Quote
Don't get me wrong, I love the article and think you guys offered some valuable insight. However I feel like there should be 1 more "buy suggestion" on the final page. Best all around solution. You've pigeon holed everyone into the "Gamer" and "Not Gamer" categories with no middle ground. What about those of us who like to game, but also need some basic grunt CPU work done but are on a tight budget as well? Is the A8-3850 or the i3-2100 better at that point? Or would you suggest a different solution like the 955 or the 560 and a discrete solution?
thehippoz 2nd November 2011, 16:40 Quote
there's so much ddr2 floating around and you can still get some good socket 775 boards for so cheap.. why not just fix what you got

I built a nice clarksdale with the g6950 last year.. it does everything I need- the encoding is not going to be done in the same times but when I was doing benches middle of last year, overclocked I was beating much more expensive systems gaming.. the 460 at 906clk could play mafia 2 with the physx gimmick on and everything high smooth all on air

it reminds me a lot of the e6600, it's one of those chips that you can slap the nuts off the sides of it's face and it just keeps running stable.. see the benchmarks everyone shows on reviews are always at low res- 1600x to show the cpu caps.. like gaming at 1024x nowdays- who cares if you get another 200 fps like from 150 to 350fps.. your monitor is synced at 60 or 120

that's why you don't see 1080p benchmarks.. the gpu starts to become the bottleneck there.. the guy on the oc'd 2500k with the same card is seeing exactly the same thing I am (only add epeen)

anyways I built a system with a new case for under $700 US last year.. that's with a cheap aftermarket ac freezer 7 rev 2 cooler at 4.2ghz oc on a gigabyte h55m-ud2h (which got for 95 bucks new too)

so got the board, chip and 4gb of discontinued corsair ddr3 memory for around 250 shipped.. you can't even get a i7 2500k now days for under $200

it would be nice to get the i5 760 but it costs as much as the 2500k, so why not just get the sandybridge..

until the consoles go quad core, or your encoding all the time.. these cheap chips aren't just great for htpc or nas
j.col 2nd November 2011, 19:45 Quote
good infromative article,
penryn 2 hertz 4th November 2011, 12:56 Quote
Did they forget the unlock ability of the sempron 145 and the phenom ii x2 560 ???
andrew8200m 4th November 2011, 13:22 Quote
Sell a mag and release its contents on the website a few weeks later.. confused on business model.
Archandel 6th November 2011, 22:31 Quote
The Phenom II X4 960T is the best one right now. Already ordered one. It's a locked X6 and can be easily unlocked to it's full potential. And costs about 100 pounds.
randis1981 7th November 2011, 21:03 Quote
please revision intel core i7 2700k
crotale 8th November 2011, 11:46 Quote
I would have liked to see a 1156 CPU. Still possible to find cheap ones and with some serious overclocking head room.
mstrchf 8th November 2011, 18:24 Quote
Would have been nice to see how the AMD Athlon II X3 compared to the cheap pentiums.
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