AMD's AM2: Athlon 64 FX-62 & X2 5000+

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qurious69ss 24th May 2006, 23:48 Quote
Originally Posted by hitman012
I think it's because Tim had already done the benchmarks with the Core Duo at 2.6GHz in an earlier review (to compare it clock-for-clock with the FX-60), so they were put in this one just as a point of comparison. As far as I know, the chip went back before he could try benching it against the FX-62 at 2.8GHz.

I see...that makes sense, thanks.
MrABC 25th May 2006, 00:32 Quote
Originally Posted by olly_lewis
I would realy like to see faster memory but evne so this is great news, and im stratching my head wondering if i should wait for conroe and if i just let loose on my bank account, could i get both over a 9 month period... have to brush up on my maths

I might wait for conroe and dx10. I still use socket A so I got alot of options, lol.
perplekks45 25th May 2006, 17:13 Quote
Socket A rocks! :D
And I agree... waitin' for dx10 makes sense as ATI unified shader cards might be worth to wait for and get a new pc then not just an upgrade.
Buck_Rogers25 25th May 2006, 21:59 Quote
2x512MB Corsair XMS2-8500 DDR2 memory (running at 800MHz¹ 4.0-4-4-12-1T

Thats from the test setup spec, thing is the corsair 8500s listed at 5-5-5-12, is it actually capable of 4-4-4 or is that a typo ? :).
Ab$olut 26th May 2006, 01:30 Quote
Originally Posted by MiNiMaL_FuSS
Are we expecting much of a price drop om 939 when AM2 establishes itself?
going by when skt a was phased out for 939 then yes :D
Buck_Rogers25 26th May 2006, 02:35 Quote
Hey dont knock scktA :), mines done me proud for a very long time now this is now.....two and a half years old.

Sadly i've had a minor crack appear in my resevoir this week so nows the time to beef up my watercooling and add another pelt when i rebuild. Since i'm doing that i probably wont waste time by having to rebuild again in a few months time, its either 939 now or AM2 now for me, unfortunately i cant wait a few months to see how the core duos turn out or i would probably put it off a bit longer. Hopefully be able to hold out till the end of the month for some more AM2 board reviews before deciding which to go for, hoping to see asus implement the 8 phase power design on an AM2 board as they have done with the latest sckt939 and also for the Energy Efficient models to be put through a few voltage mods.

With the way things are right now its a difficult time for a person like me to make a decision, i buy basically a whole new setup (excluding chassis, cooling, etc) every 2-3 years and then rely heavily on OCing to make what i have last as long as i can. This rig would have lasted 18 months to 2 years normally i'd say. Buying now means taking a risk that i may have to swap the board for something better when it appears, and thats not something i'm keen to do given the watercooled/peltier setup i run, unfortunately it may be a risk i have to take.
Tim S 26th May 2006, 09:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Buck_Rogers25
Thats from the test setup spec, thing is the corsair 8500s listed at 5-5-5-12, is it actually capable of 4-4-4 or is that a typo ? :).
It's capable of 4.0-4-4 at 800MHz - at 1066MHz, it's rated at 5.0-5-5. :)
Buck_Rogers25 26th May 2006, 10:26 Quote
Cheers :). Makes me feel a bit better about upgrading knowing that the latencies are reasonable, although not excellent yet.

To be honest i would have expected ddr2 timings to have dropped to the same low point as ddr by now given how long its been available, guess now that its been adopted by both chip cos we'll finally get to see memory firms putting more money into bringing down the ddr2 latencies. Really is a pain doing all this waiting when your ready to make the move hehe :).
perplekks45 26th May 2006, 11:00 Quote
DDR2 has higher timings due to the higher MHz they run at, don't they?
I don't think you'll get DDR2 to run at 2,2,2,5 at 1066MHz.
DDR3 might be interesting though... end of 2007 afaik.
Tim S 26th May 2006, 13:35 Quote
We've got some lower-latency DDR2 in house - we'll have a review using it online very soon. :)
Lazlow 26th May 2006, 13:41 Quote
Originally Posted by bigz
We've got some lower-latency DDR2 in house - we'll have a review using it online very soon. :)
Good news! I'm unsure which DDR2 to choose, as there seems to be differing opinions - especially when it comes to what speed to use with which processor:
Originally Posted by Scan
Scan Recommended Memory configurations are as follows to get the best out of your new AM2 CPU

AM2 FX-62 DDR2-800 (PC2-6400)
AM2 Dual Core X2 DDR2-667 or 800 (PC2-5300 or PC2-6400)
AM2 Athlon 64 DDR2-533 or 667 (PC2-4200 or PC2-5300)
AM2 Sempron DDR2-533 or 667 (PC2-4200 or PC2-5300)
saxman 30th May 2006, 05:51 Quote
So.. with the advent of AM2 where does that leave the market for lower end business computers. Are the AM2 socket solutions just too expensive to put a lowend system on. Where do I go right now if I want nothing more than a cheap but upgradeable machine for the future.
Tim S 30th May 2006, 10:13 Quote
There is a place for the business PC on socket AM2, with the Sempron chips. The Sempron chips start at £45 / US$70, and thus we can expect business PCs based on AM2 to sell for around $300-$350, IMO. (without a monitor, of course)
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