MSI Core Frozr L Review

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Hustler 30th November 2016, 17:33 Quote
MSI's fantastic aesthetics

..which are completely ruined by those bloody great fan clips!.

It would have been far more in keeping with the looks if they'd used red or black rubber pegs to mount the fans.

As it is, I'd have to go to the hassle of spraying those clips a nice satin black/red to blend them in.

Also, availability? doesn't seem to be showing up for purchase anywhere yet.

Nice clear photography BTW.
Dogbert666 22nd December 2016, 21:29 Quote
Apologies - we made an error when testing this cooler originally. This has since been rectified and the results and final page have now been updated as a result. Here is the update repeated from the final page:

Update 22/12/2016: Unfortunately, we recently discovered an error in our CPU cooler testing that originated with our NZXT Kraken X52 review. When testing that cooler, we updated our three test systems to Windows 10. After this, we accidentally installed and used a newer version of Prime95 (27.7) than we had originally been using (26.6). The newer version has AVX instructions that can dramatically increase the heat output of modern CPUs, thus rendering the original results we published here incomparable with the others in the charts. Upon discovering and verifying this error yesterday, we immediately took down that article and this one, which were the only two affected. We have since retested both coolers on all three test platforms to be sure, and these are the results you now see. For this cooler, both the LGA1150 and the AMD AM3+ results changed significantly (improvement of 7°C or 6°C over the old results, respectively), while the LGA2011 ones improved by 2°C. This page has been updated to take heed of the newer results and current pricing, although the overall verdict and award remain unchanged. We sincerely apologise for this lapse in conscientiousness, but wanted to be as transparent as possible with you and took action as soon as we discovered the error.
ObsCure 23rd January 2017, 12:07 Quote
That's all fine and dandy, but where do I buy one?
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