Corsair Hydro H105 Review

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Panos 7th February 2014, 12:11 Quote
Nice review.

Corsair makes some pretty descent closed loop solutions tbh. Both my H50 over the last 3 years and the H100i are absolutely superb. However their fans are very loud on 100%

Hence I have replaced the fans with 4 Akasa Apache working at max speed on the H100i and havent looked back. Is quiet, and cools my 4820K @ 5Ghz pretty fine.
diforumadmin 7th February 2014, 12:26 Quote
Dave Lister 7th February 2014, 12:49 Quote
Sounds good, any chance of testing a hot AMD CPU with it ?
Shirty 7th February 2014, 12:50 Quote
Who's abusing the diforumadmin login to spam the comments section???

SchizoFrog 7th February 2014, 16:43 Quote
It seems to be getting more complicated to understand model placements in their hierarchy, with the standard (H100), 'i' and now '5' versions.

Can't deny though that whatever AIO you buy from Corsair, you are getting a great product.
AlienwareAndy 7th February 2014, 18:23 Quote
Very nice :) nice to see them refresh it every so often :)
xxxsonic1971 9th February 2014, 21:47 Quote
When's the H107&1/2 gonna hit the shops i wonder....
Chicken76 10th February 2014, 18:57 Quote
Any way to tell if it's a CoolIt or Asetek unit?
Shirty 10th February 2014, 19:38 Quote
SchizoFrog 12th February 2014, 22:07 Quote
Bit-Tech, can I ask if there is a particular reason you fit the radiator that way round or can you rotate it 180'? I ask as that great loop in the cable doesn't look the tidiest.

Also, something else comes to mind with all AIO's is that a full custom water loop contains a reservoir for a reason. What is the liquid durability in these AIO's? Can the liquid be replaced/topped up if needed without voiding warranty? If not, what is the life expectancy of an AIO due to it's liquid limitations (ie: evaporation, clogging, etc)?
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