Deepcool GAMMAXX S40 Review

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AlienwareAndy 3rd February 2014, 11:37 Quote
I've been looking at the 92mm version of this for my build. £12 lol.
The_Crapman 3rd February 2014, 12:41 Quote
Sounds like something from hhgttg.
MrMKellow 3rd February 2014, 13:01 Quote
Not bad at all! Great for someone on a budget build. Possibly see it in a light gaming rig, aiming around the £500 price point. Will help reduce the temperatures and (likely) reduce acoustics over a stock cooler. I like it!
MrJay 3rd February 2014, 16:15 Quote

I've been looking for a budget cooler for my main rig, running some Akasa OEM cooler at the moment, its alright but my i5 3330 gets a bit hot under the collar sometimes!

I'm reluctant to pay over the tip for specialist coolers unless they fit a niche purpose such as low profile etc.
edzieba 4th February 2014, 08:33 Quote
it retails for just £19.99 - we refrained from rounding up there just to emphasis the fact that you'll actually get change from £20
Please round up. It costs £20 by the standards of anyone who doesn't work in marketing and has the ability to add 1 to a number..
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