EK Supremacy PreciseMount for delidded Ivy Bridge CPUs Review

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siliconfanatic 11th June 2013, 15:04 Quote
^this guy^
Seriously Intel is more than capable of improving the IHS. Flatter surfaces and an inner surface closer to the cores comes to mind. That and non-'tarded TIM application.
Stanley Tweedle 11th June 2013, 18:58 Quote
It seems odd that they spend time developing and bragging about 3d transistors and yet they don't bother to optimise the outer design. What's up with that? Perhaps someone needs to send them one of their own Haswell CPU's with lid removed together with full load temperature printout.

Or... to drive the point home...

A bunch of people buy Haswell CPU's D-Lid them and we send Intel a box full of lids with a load temp printout?
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