Thermalright AXP-100 Review

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law99 3rd June 2013, 09:23 Quote
This is where your stand on AMD processors not being relevant really quite frankly falls flat on its face.

FM2 build is quite likely for an HTPC (I'm doing one right now for instance) and it would have been useful to see. Instead, I'm looking at something I'd never use it on.

Thanks though... ??? I'm aware of it and will be googling for more definitive testing. To be honest, I like to have an idea of decibel so I can compare it to other equipment I have for reference. And I'd be interested in how its FM2 mounting works.

EDIT: In your defence it took some scouring to find a decent review of this heatsink. There is a very lapse one for an A10-5800K APU. But there are some other places that have given some indication of sound levels.

It would have been nice to see whether fanless operation on a 65w part would be possible. Instead, I may have to find out myself.
Dogbert666 3rd June 2013, 09:44 Quote
What we said was that the AMD AM3 socket we previously tested with was "becoming less relevant". With FM2 arguably being the most relevant AMD socket at the moment (someone made the good point that there are probably more users of said socket than LGA2011, for example) this is the platform we attempted to build our new AMD test system on, but after a lot of testing and trying to fix the issue, it became increasingly clear that the results were still inconsistent and thus unreliable. It's something we're still looking to bring back, but between other product reviews, multiple product launches, staff holidays, trade shows, server downtime etc., it's tricky to find the time to get it all up and running. Hopefully the summer will give us a little more breathing room to focus on improvements such as this :)

Sorry we couldn't give you all the information you wanted at the moment. As for noise testing, this is a separate issue we've addressed many times. Where our labs are situated and with the equipment we have, providing accurate dB readings just isn't too feasible at the moment.
law99 3rd June 2013, 09:58 Quote
Thanks for your response. TBH, I am(probably) aware of your noise issues. I believe I remember it coming up before.

Could you not give an indication of the background noise in your testing room? That way, along with various other sources, it would be possible to attain some sort of informed reasoning on subjective noise levels. Perhaps that could always be in the testing methodology section?

In the meantime, I hope you do find a way to test FM2. It is a real shame though that there isn't much of what I'd call a relevant review out there for this heatsink.

I'm currently of the mindset that I'll try the stock one, and if it is an issue, I'd try this with a fan. And if with a fan is more than reasonable, I'd try it without a fan... just out of curiosity.
Dogbert666 3rd June 2013, 10:14 Quote
No worries. Yeah the noise issues are a pain. The problem with the background noise idea is that it just fluctuate too wildly and often for it to be of much benefit, as it depends on what other systems (and how many, how close and how loud they are) are running, the air conditioning levels, the inevitable noise from the two huge building sites right next door and so on.

I hope so too! Once Computex is out the way and everyone is back in one place, hopefully we'll be able to get something up and running.
sakzzz 3rd June 2013, 10:23 Quote
Can someone suggest the correlation between the 2600K in your review with a 2500k @ 4.2 ? I am planning a custom compact case and this would be IDEAL, considering its not far away in terms of results from a gelid tranquilo. I average at ~60 on full load, room temp being ~20 currently.
law99 3rd June 2013, 11:47 Quote
I think the nature of Hyperthreading would mean that the 2600k is the hotter running chip. But I'm sure someone out there would have a better response than me. I have no evidence other than a less than rudimentary understanding of how hyperthreading works.
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