Phanteks PH-TC12DX Review

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SchizoFrog 12th March 2013, 15:53 Quote
Bit-Tech, is there any way you can include actual noise measurements of coolers during the load tests within the bar graphs, like a number within brackets along the left side of the coloured bars?
It would make it so much easier to compare performance to noise rather than just 'Quiet Profile' or 'Maximum Profile'.

Also, with so many air coolers now coming with clip-on style fans rather than the more older fashioned built-in style I would really appreciate an in depth article/review comparison of the fans that are provided as stock for CPU coolers along with the top rated case fans that are used as the stock fan's replacements.

Back to this article, I totally agree with the comments on the styling of coolers and I think these are up there with the very best. However, with these coloured options I would have thought it would be an obvious option to included matching LED variations for those that would want them.
guvnar 12th March 2013, 16:23 Quote
I agree with SchizoFrog. Low noise is slightly more important than cooling power for me. I currently stick with my Be Quiet Dark Pro to cool my 3500 at 4.5GHz so I'm not looking for much more cooling power but to minimise any noise.

If there is a cooling system that can keep it cooler for the same or less noise then I'm interested.
SchizoFrog 13th March 2013, 16:33 Quote
Um... anything to say Bit-Tech???
Combatus 13th March 2013, 17:09 Quote
Hi SchizoFrog. Unfortunately we're not in the possession of a sound-proofed lab and sensitive-enough sound meter to be able to offer useful noise measurements. Most of the Sub £100 meters only go down to 30dBA too which isn't low enough to gauge half of the coolers we test so we'd be looking at a substantial investment which the powers that be are unlikely to offer up at the moment. Our own opinions on the noise levels have come from listening to dozens of coolers, though, and a simple decibel meter won't pick up on unpleasant noise either, which we do comment on. If the possibility ever arises we will of course jump on it, but for now this is the best we can do I'm afraid!
siliconfanatic 14th March 2013, 03:09 Quote
Link got flipped. Linked to ascension instead.
SchizoFrog 14th March 2013, 11:37 Quote
Fair enough... thanks for the response. :-)
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