Be Quiet! Shadow Rock TopFlow SR1 review

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greigaitken 13th December 2012, 10:43 Quote
are there more cooler reviews still to come? you could at least round the bad / mediocre ones into one article
Bungletron 13th December 2012, 11:08 Quote
I got one of these a few months back, the installation is a pig and whilst not tall it is incredibly large, I would also advise that cramped mATX installs may also experience difficulty depending on the CPU placement of the particular board (I had to remove a case fan and a drive cage). Ideally you want to measure up the cooler orientation so it does not overhang the board which may or may not be possible.
improprietary 15th December 2012, 13:08 Quote
... how come the lga1155 score is a .jpg while the amd score is a .gif?
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