Enermax ETS-T40-TA review

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greigaitken 6th December 2012, 11:57 Quote
good to see lots of hardware reviews, but I'd prefer a 12 page cooler review roundup at end of week.
Do i buy a cooler now, or do i wait till next week incase an ULTIMATE EXTREME cooler is still to come...
GeorgeK 6th December 2012, 12:11 Quote
^ That'd be the H100i...
Bloody_Pete 6th December 2012, 13:25 Quote
'one thing struck us as a little out of the ordinary, namely the baseplate. It uses what Enermax terms Heat Pipe Direct Touch, which is exactly as it sounds. Rather than a traditional smooth baseplate, the four heat pipes themselves are flattened out and make direct contact with the CPU. '

Erm... Don't loads of coolers use this design...
SuicideNeil 6th December 2012, 16:33 Quote
Yeah, that is a little odd to draw attention to that 'feature' as though it was something special or new, which is actually rather common among many heat sink bases...
fluxtatic 9th December 2012, 04:04 Quote
Yeah, the direct-touch design is very common...and very commonly not very well implemented, as Enermax has done. The idea of the design is good, but you can't half-ass it - there shouldn't be massive gaps between the pipes and the base.

Also, no AMD testing at all? I am disappoint.
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