Corsair H100i Review

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Pookie 5th December 2012, 08:29 Quote
What are my chances of this fitting in the top of my R4?
GeorgeK 5th December 2012, 09:26 Quote
By the looks of this ( it would be a very tight fit & would depend a lot on what's at the top of your motherboard (the H100i is about the same size as the H100)

This ( shows that it might fit in the front...

Awesome results btw!
Kovoet 5th December 2012, 09:39 Quote
Thanks guys. Well with my coolermaster haf x it fits easy and above I will have 2x200mm fans which I'm tempted to leave on.

Can't wait for mine to arrive now.
Digi 5th December 2012, 10:59 Quote
Originally Posted by Pookie
What are my chances of this fitting in the top of my R4?

I bodged mine (original H100 with an R3, not R4) in because the Sabertooth Z77 has a huge shroud on it which meant it was impossible to get it to line up with the back screw holes. As mentioned above, it depends heavily on your mobo.

I've been running mine for 6 months, ''bolted'' in with 4 cable ties, it works beautifully, still. ;)

PS: This was a pic during the build, so yes, it's untidy. I was going to be replacing the PSU a week after. .
Pookie 5th December 2012, 11:11 Quote
I have a GA-X58A-UD3R, I will crack my case open on the weekend and do some measuring up as I really want one of these. I can alway opt for the H80i which is not far off the H100i :)
GeorgeK 5th December 2012, 11:49 Quote
I plan to put mine in my current case (CM690II Advanced) - I'm going to put the radiator in the roof cavity and the fans inside the case acting as exhausts - for me I won't fit the radiator and the fans inside the case...
tonyd223 5th December 2012, 12:08 Quote
will fit in my HAF922, but, much as I'd like it, I probably don't need it...
brutos 5th December 2012, 12:58 Quote
I must upgrade my H8o0 to this for my 3820
Baz 5th December 2012, 13:12 Quote
I was amazed at this thing's cooling. Genuinely thought our 1155 rig capped out at a 36°C delta T before this week; Nope!
dazzler 5th December 2012, 13:16 Quote
Was tempted by this but it'll involve a bit of work to fit it in the Zalman Z11 case I just got, not decided yet whether to go with the Silver Arrow Extreme or try a bit of modding!
rollo 5th December 2012, 13:22 Quote
Might be time for Bit tech to invest in a bigger case for CPU Coolers like this one as i wonder how it would perform inside a case compared to outside were its getting fresh air constantly.
David 5th December 2012, 13:24 Quote
How did you kill the AMD rig, Harry? Anything spectacular?
GeorgeK 5th December 2012, 19:00 Quote
DoctorBeat 5th December 2012, 21:35 Quote
I've cut holes on the roof of my Fractal XL to accommodate the H100 6 months ago...
with a i7 3870 overclocked to 4.6Ghz it works flawlessly. In the meantime I've swapped the fans for a noctua NF-F12 and the thing is whisper quiet
I can only thing of good things to say about my H100, hopefully this one is better
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