Monsoon Rotary Angled and Lightport Fittings review

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alain-s 29th November 2012, 09:12 Quote
Very nice Antony I have bin waiting for this article with the monsoon lightport fitting. Although they light may be a bit weak I am looking forward to receive my Lightports. I hope the work better with coloured coolant and white leds.
Combatus 29th November 2012, 10:19 Quote
I think white is probably the way to go, especially if you're using coloured coolant. I've seen a couple of examples of the coloured LEDs working well with clear tubing and clear water, but who uses that these days!
Tangster 29th November 2012, 18:56 Quote
Strong want.
Sni9er 30th November 2012, 12:00 Quote
the only thing that would put me off using the light-ports would be the wires would certainly have to think of a creative way of managing them as the ooo ahh effect wouldnt nearly be as stunning with a bunch of wires hanging around
wsmccusker 1st December 2012, 22:04 Quote
What about UV LED's and an appropriate reactive coolant?
Xtrafresh 2nd December 2012, 17:40 Quote
I agree about the wires Sniper. I was thinking, if you are watercooling, you don't need the CPU-FAN connector. There could be a nice source for the power right next to every CPU socket!
Cheapskate 2nd December 2012, 18:42 Quote
Xtrafresh beat me to it.
These are pretty snazzy, but what we really need in a rotary fitting is a super-low profile model.
-Take it from someone who just whacked a hole in a case to get a barb to fit a radiator in the 1" fan space.
Risky 3rd December 2012, 14:37 Quote
I think if you're goign for it the cables could be part of the design. I would be a bit 'busy' rather than minimalist but you could then get them hooked up to a controller for some interesting effects.
XNine 19th December 2012, 15:26 Quote
I have some of these in my build (the light ports, not the fittings) and they are phenomenal. The best lighting fittings I've come across, especially for reservoirs as there is ZERO light-bleed out the rear of the fitting. As well, I'm using the angled fittings and compressions from Monsoon. Can't say enough about the quality, honestly. I'd say that they are at worst a match for Bitspower, at best, much better, but that's personal opinion.
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