What is the best water-cooling coolant?

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PabloFunky 9th June 2012, 13:44 Quote
Ive changed my loops to

1. GPU Mayhems nano fluid ice dragon stuff

2. CPU loop Blueberry Mayhems pastel

3. NB loop Mayhems ice dragon nano also

4. Ram loop Bluberry pastel Mayhems.

Ive done it to match the artwork on my case only, however i did have a bad fitting and lost some nano onto my sound card and gfx card.
Im deffo gonna give it a 10/10 for non conductivity ;).

However all the marketing hollox and nonsense hasnt dropped the temps any from whatever liquid ive used, from Feser to fluidxp to primo to etc etc etc etc.

But i never believed it would anyway, i did for looks which is quite nice now, if a little expensive.

Maybe there would be a 0.000000000000000001 centigrade temp drop over 100% load for 6000 hours, but ive not seen anything in real terms yet.

For me the only real test is to try stuff yourself and decide, and prob will be the only real way ever.
Sizuke 5th July 2012, 11:04 Quote
Distilled water with a silver coil and/or PHN!
Great results and easy to clean and maintain!
For the looks just get UV reactive/color tubing.
scullbock1 20th January 2013, 19:30 Quote
mayhems pastel white .
one could think a product of this price range is exelent and it was , in the beginning !
the first time i used the product ( in a brand new loop ) it was lovely white had a good flow and the cooling was fantastic , BUT
after the pc standing still for a couple of days the product curdled and had suddenly 2 fluids in my loop .
1 clear fluid and 1 white sticky residu .
when comming from a flow of 148 liters per hour to 71 liters per hour , this triggered an alarm to take it all out.
I needed to flush the whole system with vineager but i presume i need to take every cooling block and coupling appart to get it all out .
I Think this will be the same for every pastel colour and even worse for the aurora and color changing fluids from mayhems .
This is the worste and most costly product i had ever had and will say NO to Mayhems products for ever exept maybe the pure water .
Don't want to recoment this to anyone , it truely destroys your wc loop and cost a lot of bucks and sweat .
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