Prolimatech Genesis Review

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r3loaded 12th July 2011, 08:08 Quote
You're missing the most crucial bit of information - does Phil Collins make a (re)appearance in this cooler?

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8 Bit Charlie 12th July 2011, 08:22 Quote
Originally Posted by r3loaded
You're missing the most crucial bit of information - does Phil Collins make a (re)appearance in this cooler?

I can feel it cooling in the air tonight, Oh Lord!
tonyd223 12th July 2011, 08:43 Quote
lordy! who's gonna be the first to post a link to the no-fen monstrosity?
Kris 12th July 2011, 08:58 Quote
Because we don't have a temperature control chamber, it's more accurate to measure and quote the delta T (difference) between the ambient and CPU temperature. This means HSFs (heatsinks and fans) that were tested on different days, when the ambient temperature may have varied, can be fairly compared to one another.
Pure logic says that if one day you test with an ambient temp of +20, the other day at +25, then the 2nd day result will be worse in the charts if you only compare the delta T.

I'm a bit confused here. Looking at past reviews as well, I come to a few questions:

- how can the temperature deltas be so different between intel and amd systems? Is it either:
a) amd CPU-s are inherently more cooler due to a difference in the heatspreader material?
b) is the amd temp sensor in a different place?
c) does coretemp act differently with amd and intel?
d) anything else? :) (even looking at the amd and intel stock coolers, seems the thermaltake frio is 16C cooler than intel ref cooler, and 43c cooler than amd box cooler.

also, why use a voltage of 1.6V on the thuban? that is over the safe limit i'd say, and no one would use it at that voltage, maybe at 1,5-1,55 max. or in other words, maybe you should increase the 2500k voltage to around 1.4 or 1.5 as well to make it a more demanding test? :)
fluxtatic 12th July 2011, 09:51 Quote
Originally Posted by 8 Bit Charlie
I can feel it cooling in the air tonight, Oh Lord!

I lawled

OT, though, disappointing, as I like the idea.
gcwebbyuk 12th July 2011, 09:53 Quote
It looks quite like my Coolermaster V10 with the casing off..
Xir 12th July 2011, 10:30 Quote
I probably just missed it, but what fan configuration did you use?
120mm? 140mm? 2? 3?
simple to slot them in and clip on the fans securely. This is a welcome change from the rage-inducing, finger-torture mounting wires included with other CPU coolers
ummm, there's no picture of this, yet the picture of the cooler on page one show these "rage-inducing, finger-torture mounting wires".
So a picture with installed fans would have been nice. :D
fingerbob69 12th July 2011, 11:26 Quote
"So a picture with installed fans would have been nice"

Cei 12th July 2011, 11:34 Quote
A picture of it installed in a case full stop would be nice - same goes for all cooling reviews. There's no point to taking studio photographs of it from every angle; we got the idea it's a bit odd in the first picture!
John_T 12th July 2011, 11:55 Quote
Originally Posted by tonyd223
lordy! who's gonna be the first to post a link to the no-fen monstrosity?

That would have to be me. Again. :)

222mm diameter, 132mm height. It's a biggy...
John_T 12th July 2011, 11:59 Quote
Originally Posted by Xir
I probably just missed it, but what fan configuration did you use?
120mm? 140mm? 2? 3?
Originally Posted by Article
For our testing, we used two 120mm Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000 fans, as these shift a decent amount of air while also running quietly.

Didn't specifically state the orientation, but I'm guess the logical fitting with two was one on the vertical blowing across and out the case & the other one on the horizontal blowing down onto the memory & VRM's...
gcwebbyuk 12th July 2011, 17:35 Quote
Here is a pic of the CM V10 without fans for comparison:
DSC00001.jpg by gcwebbyuk, on Flickr
RobJapan 13th July 2011, 07:29 Quote
Have you guys ever tested the Sycthe range of coolers, I live in Japan so I recently bought myself a Kabuto as it was going cheap and recommended by the staff in the store.

I'm sure they aren't the best in the world but I'd love to see a review as I believe they are very well made coolers made by a great company.
feathers 13th July 2011, 19:30 Quote
That thing looks undersized to me. I guess that's why it has average cooling.
gcwebbyuk 13th July 2011, 21:19 Quote
The V10 keeps my i7 2600k at 4.5ghz under 75c :)
kzinti1 15th July 2011, 10:58 Quote
Strange review conclusion. I'm looking at my Genesis right now. It's been running over a week 24x7 usually at my everday clock of 4727MHz on an i7-2600K, an ASUS Maximus IV Extreme in a Corsair 700D @ around 37C just browsing the web.
I put 3 140mm Aerocool Shark fans on it and reach the low 70C's when I push it to 5200MHz.
It's slightly aggravating removing it to change the memory but there was never a problem of memory clearance with either the Corsair Vengeance I started with and now the Mushkin Redline Ridgeback I ended up with, but then again it was just a reapplication of TIM and 2 hold down screws so there really wasn't that much of a problem.
It was expensive but so is every Prolimatech heatsink, especially since they come with no fans. The quality of the build, ease of installation/reinstallation and the users choice of fans and fan size compensates slightly for the original cost.
I don't know a thing about AMD cpu's and mobo's anymore but it certainly deserves at least an 85% rating on Intel LGA 1155 systems. The initial cost of the heatsink and the addition of at least 2 fans would be the biggest hit in rating it lower than 100% on top of it's limitations of sheer size and usability with other platforms.
It's a big, bright , beautiful piece of mechanical art. I don't think I'd use it on an LGA 1366 or some other, hotter running cpu's, but it certainly suits my own, personal needs for now.
I just don't understand the low ratings or even how they were actually decided in this review. Was it just slapped on an open bench or fit in an enclosed case as the majority of users would do? There are an almost infinite amount of different type fans, fan diameters and even fan thicknesses that could be used. You'd have to fashion your own clips for anything other than a 25mm fan thickness, of course, and there's no set rule for the diameter or thickness for the horizontal section over the memory.
There are really too many variables for using percentages for rating a heatsink such as the Genesis. The only real way to find if it suits your system as well as it does mine is to just buy and try. If I chose to just play it safe then I would've just installed a Corsair H80 or H100. I just fell in love with the Genesis when it was 1st mentioned in some preview I saw and knew I'd have to give it a try. I was lucky in that everything just fell into place from the fitting of this cooler to the end usage results. I also chose it to compliment my ASUS GTX580 Platinum ROG video-card. I just wanted to give an all air-cooled system another try and I ended up extremely pleased with my system in performance, cooling and level of noise.
Prolimatech, you did a very good job with the Genesis and I thank you!
gcwebbyuk 15th July 2011, 11:01 Quote
Worth a mention too, is that this cooler and the V10 work very well with a P67 Sabertooth, as the RAM cooling fan acts as a motherboard cooler too, blowing air down and through the motherboard casing.
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