Zalman CNPS10X Flex CPU Cooler Review

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rickysio 25th April 2010, 04:14 Quote
Why don't you unscrew the copper base off and add some TIM all around it, before testing? ;D
500mph 25th April 2010, 08:56 Quote
Because they like to review stuff as it came, without modification. However, I would like to see what would happen if they did such.
I am also curious as to why the different LGA mounts got different temps.
rickysio 25th April 2010, 10:30 Quote
@500mph I know about them reviewing stuff as it comes (check the 'infamous' V-X review), it was just a thought I had when I saw the picture. Perhaps some forumer should try! :D

Because the heat spreader of different LGA'a are of different size, LGA1366 being largest, more heatpipes will be used, and will 'correct' for the less than satisfactory bond between the contact plate and the heatpipes by virtue of using more heatpipes at a time.
Action_Parsnip 25th April 2010, 13:54 Quote
Nice review boys,

Just a little question,

What was the high cfm fan used? I dont mind noise and im looking to pep-up my titan fenrir to 'dah max' :D


rickysio 25th April 2010, 16:14 Quote
Most likely a Delta.
Baz 25th April 2010, 18:22 Quote
Originally Posted by rickysio
Most likely a Delta.

Nope, it's a sunon 5 blade jobbie. I'll check tomorrow in the labs and confirm.
knutjb 25th April 2010, 18:25 Quote
Originally Posted by rickysio
Why don't you unscrew the copper base off and add some TIM all around it, before testing? ;D
On our sample, we immediately noticed that the heatpipes weren’t cleanly soldered to the copper base, though, and the grooves in the base didn’t precisely match the shape of the pipes.
lacuna 26th April 2010, 09:05 Quote
Is there any functional reason for the base plate being bolted rather than bonded to the heatpipes? If not then, as others have mentioned, it would be interesting to see how performance would be affected by adding TIM and soldering up the edges. An almost free modification that might push it beyond the Fenrir?
memeroot 26th April 2010, 09:10 Quote
Originally Posted by
Oh come on this is custom pc's website if you want mod reviews read cnet
Evildead666 26th April 2010, 09:45 Quote
Thanks for putting up stuff to read on Sundays at least :)

Always a sunday read at Bit-Tech..
Farfalho 26th April 2010, 12:29 Quote
I wonder why more companies don't follow Titan's idea. I know Akasa has done the same with his Nero S but it should be obvious by now that if the base plate isn't properly soldered to the heatpipes, the performance will be affected. Just discard that contact plate, CNC the heatpipes and off you go, might take the crown off Fenrir
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