Akasa X4 Cooler Review

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rickysio 13th December 2009, 15:04 Quote
Bar colour error for Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme (high speed) in Socket AM2+ delta T chart.
scrimple3D 13th December 2009, 19:19 Quote
I'm surprised that no figures are included for either version of the Freezer 7 Pro especially after mentioning it a few times.
barndoor101 13th December 2009, 19:49 Quote
how did this one compare to the titan skalli?
TWeaK 13th December 2009, 21:34 Quote
What I'd like to know is why it isn't as good. Is it because of the push-pin mounting? Is it the design of the baseplate? The thickness of the heatpipes? The size of the fan?

Obviously these are hard things to measure - perhaps impossible without modding, which isn't really appropriate for a product review. However, it would be nice to see some attempt at explaining this, even if it just amounts to speculation - sometimes more of the writer's opinion could be welcome. At the very least, it might spark discussion.
MaverickWill 13th December 2009, 22:14 Quote
I'd bet the baseplate was at fault. Similarly-designed coolers with direct contact have done much better than this. The 92mm fan probably didn't help.
SteveU 13th December 2009, 22:20 Quote
Will be keeping my Freezer 7 Pro bolted to my E8400 for now then.
javaman 13th December 2009, 22:35 Quote
Why do so many coolers perform badly on AM2+? is it because AMD chips run so much hotter?
Xir 14th December 2009, 08:40 Quote
As you compare a lot af the cheaper coolers to the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, why isn't that in the charts?
l3v1ck 16th December 2009, 13:28 Quote
You spend the first page comparing it to the Freezer 7 Pro, then don't bother to include the Freezer 7 in the comparison graphs. A tad remiss?
l3v1ck 16th December 2009, 13:30 Quote
Okay, The freezer 7 Pro is old, but Rev 2 is new and fits all three sockets, that should have been tested.
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