What's the best supersize case fan?

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Phoenixlight 4th November 2010, 08:08 Quote
I would have loved to have seen how the silverstone air penetrator fan compares to the other fans, it seems like the best fan ever made from what i've read about them so far.
Jampotp 18th February 2011, 21:16 Quote
Bad link on page 6 - 'how much air it can push per Db'

Even if that bag test is not very accurate, it does provide a comparison between the fans.

But wouldn't it be a good idea to measure the speed of the air coming from the fans, as well as the amount of air. One may assume that the speed of the air would be the cfm divided by the area or something. But some bits of the fan provide a faster air column than others. A fast air column could penetrate the case further, providing superior cooling.
I must confess to have not thoroughly read through the article, so I may stand to be corrected, and what I suggest may have already been done.
Jampotp 18th February 2011, 21:17 Quote
oh, just noticed that this article is pretty ancient. Sorry :$. Ignore first part and most of the previous comment
st1x 19th February 2011, 13:23 Quote
Apologies for the whole necro thread thing but heres an idea.....

How about having the "black bag scenario" modded/taped onto the outtake of a tested/sealed pc?

I realise that it wouldn't be a fan test any more but i think it would provide a more "real world" test of what is going on and the throughput of the fans could be more accurately measured.

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