Corsair Hydro H50 CPU Cooler Review

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rainbowbridge 29th July 2009, 12:13 Quote
I think this is a truely great peice of equipment and its on my list for sure.

Im confused about the pulling air in through the rad thou, thats just not right, pulling hot air INTO your case?
Bindibadgi 29th July 2009, 12:16 Quote
Originally Posted by rainbowbridge

Im confused about the pulling air in through the rad thou, thats just not right, pulling hot air INTO your case?

Yes, but you're drawing cool air in from the outside so the cooling potential is greater for the CPU alone, even if that does heat your case.

Then again, with cases now having large exhausts in the roof it should efficiently exhaust straight out, but as we saw in the case of the Cosmos 1000 - don't use the H50 as your only intake.
Dreaming 29th July 2009, 12:21 Quote
I want this, but wouldn't be able to fit to my exhaust fans (I have a PC A 05B). The tubes are just far far too short. Could have the rad hooked up to an intake fan but that just ends up keeping the inside of the case toasty.
Fredrics 29th July 2009, 12:24 Quote
An interesting review, with a result that I never expected - corsair better watch out for the eu and the monopoly laws!!

Is it possible for bit tech to start doing proper noise testing with a db meter, rather than just a subjective test.
johnnyboy700 29th July 2009, 12:25 Quote
Drawing hot air in is okay providing you have additional means of removing the hot air, most decent cases these days have enough capacity to fit numerous extra fans if they don'y already have them. All it takes is a bit of forward planning with your airflow management and it will be fine.

I'd have bought this if I didn't already have the Swiftech 220.
rainbowbridge 29th July 2009, 12:25 Quote
Oh yes I see, thanks for clearing that up.

I thought this was most interesting vid review by a home user with a decent system.

Corsair H50 & Scythe Kaze 4Ghz i7 920 Overclock ASUS P6T Antec 1200: ~

Cliff Notes: The H50 is frecking Awesome and does not heat your case up.

As a foot note I cant find it now but the H50 on a chart I saw brought the cpu temp down 25deg off the stock cooler of a e7500 or i7, and with a push pull config of fans, drops another 5 or so degs at max fan speed down to around 35/38 I think at a high oc, but the bottom line is this is a great product.
Krikkit 29th July 2009, 12:42 Quote
That looks like a pretty special bit of kit, I'll certainly take note of that badboy in future - it's so much better than all aircoolers, and very nearly better than my own WC kit! (Although I'll bet it isn't as quiet, this setup is eerily quiet.)
capnPedro 29th July 2009, 12:52 Quote
Wow, a owrking WC kit... I'll be damned!

Compact too, and I love that mounting method!
mjm25 29th July 2009, 12:58 Quote
I think if Corsair suddenly announced bit-tech users got a fiver off they'd never be able to make enough of these to meet demand, we love a bargain, i'm considering buying one for the shiny factor... but its mainly my graphics card that does the noisy *considers some ill thought out mod*
ChaosDefinesOrder 29th July 2009, 13:01 Quote
that's a great looking bit of kit! Now they just need to bring out a graphics card equivalent...
Claave 29th July 2009, 13:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Fredrics
Is it possible for bit tech to start doing proper noise testing with a db meter, rather than just a subjective test.

We've tried before, but there was too much background noise even if we took kit home and tested in it during the day. The only way to do it is build a professional quiet room (v expensive) and get some really sensitive equipment (v expensive). If we had that cash we'd probably spend it elsewhere tbh - more staff, more video equipment, etc. as that'd get us more significant returns and give you guys more variety and more interesting things to watch/read/do on the site.

If anyone wins the lottery and wants to donate a quiet room and testing kit, please feel free though!
antaresIII 29th July 2009, 13:24 Quote
Well, Corsair just managed to sell one piece. (I'm placing an order; apparently is a good review more efficient and cheaper that an expensive add campaign).
M7ck 29th July 2009, 13:26 Quote
Looks like a decent piece of kit and for a reasonable price. I would consider this for a spare pc but maybe not my main one.
zr_ox 29th July 2009, 13:30 Quote
Now that's a sleeper for sure, I'd almost given up on integrated WC kit's.

The fact that this little ninja manages to almost outperform my full blow WC kit when it come to the CPU....sad!

rainbowbridge 29th July 2009, 13:38 Quote
When it gets near silent I can hear the damage I have collected over the years of living in a loud city and the use of headphones.

Ears drums are an amazing design only seconded by the eye and of course the brain.

The science of sound proofing is actually really interesting I remember reading about it extensively for a project I was doing and unless you are going to go the whole way and put up 6 foot of material its really hard to block all noise, high end fq stuff is easy to block due to the wave length, but low end bass, you need a rediculas amount of thickness to stop it and egg cartons won't work, Im guessing that who ever started that myth saw an accositc camber and thought they were for sound proofing instead of sound wave propagation control?

I think a way you could get maybe reasonably close to a sound proofed room would be to see if any of your famliy members or some one you know has one of those make shift underground ww2 bunkers that I know are still around, I have seen a few in some larger rich customer sites. Some people have kept them on for storage of wine, a good soild room under 2 or 3 feet of earth with a effort made on sound proofing the door with those foam sound proofing tiles with suspended lead lining sandwidtched in it, put that on both the front and reverse side of the door. you could acheave reasonable quite for under £200.

What was that device in babylon five sound, in the bar when it brought alight down over a table and made it security sond proofed for conversation get one of those :-)
Turbotab 29th July 2009, 13:48 Quote
I wonder if the H50 will allow me to push my Q6700 to 3.8 GHz,? I'm currently getting an easy 3.4 GHz using a Kama Angle.
hexx 29th July 2009, 15:02 Quote
:) shame i bought few weeks ago noctua which was that time for £54, but yeah, it's on the list
The boy 4rm oz 29th July 2009, 15:28 Quote
Now this is an excellent piece of kit, very sturdy, performs very well (on Intel systems anyway) and allows you to attach any fan of your choice, this would be a perfect HTPC cooler or for a casual to everyday gamer.

The 2 things I don't like about this unit though are the fact that is has 2 fan connectors, not a single designated one, this issue could be rectified with "Y" splitter though. The other thing I don't like is the finish on the base, a little bit too rough for me, lapping would definately get you a better result. I wonder when they will be released in Australia and how much they will be costing ...hmmmm.
stonedsurd 29th July 2009, 16:12 Quote
^You said it. I'd prefer custom for a desktop, but I might plonk one of these into an HTPC for the sheer convenience.
Jipa 29th July 2009, 16:19 Quote
A couple of typos: Aestek and teo (two) sorry guys, don't remember the page for the latter.

Nice review, some good pointers (no weight on mobo). It sure has some advantages over the high end aircoolers. Too bad you didn't have TRUE on S775 as that's the cooler Corsair claims it to beat by 10 degrees.
wuyanxu 29th July 2009, 16:40 Quote
one owns TRUE LGA775 for 2 years.
one wants to upgrade to i7.
which is better value?? sell TRUE and buy H50 or simply buy a mounting kit for new socket?
Furymouse 29th July 2009, 17:58 Quote
This looks like a blessing for me. Although I would prefer a custom kit, as of right now I am unwilling to cut up my p182 to make a decent kit fit :P

Hopefully switching the fans to draw from the back and exhaust through the radiator fitted to the top will work out for me.
Cobalt 29th July 2009, 18:31 Quote
Originally Posted by The boy 4rm oz
Now this is an excellent piece of kit, very sturdy, performs very well (on Intel systems anyway) and allows you to attach any fan of your choice, this would be a perfect HTPC cooler or for a casual to everyday gamer.

I think the review is a bit misleading. The AMD numbers don't actually seem to have anything to do with it being AMD, rather they used a different case to show how airflow affects temperatures. At least thats how I understood it. Thats a really bad way to show this though. The article implied that the H50 wasn't worth it for AMD systems but because the rig used a different case the test is invalid.

If you were simply testing to see if effectiveness was based on airflow then the hardware should have been kept the same. If I'm wrong and the test was to check the performance specifically on the AMD cpu then the whole testing procedure was faulty. Certainly some extra clarification could have been given. If one just looks at the charts then it seems like the H50 has some serious problems.
Kunin 29th July 2009, 19:05 Quote
I was about to go get an aircooler for my 920... this is looking better. In the end I wanted to watercool, but cost was keeping me away.

Question is, what would be the best way to mount this in an ATCS 840?
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