Corsair Carbide Series Spec-04 Review

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Maki role 3rd May 2017, 18:25 Quote
That is one cheap-looking case
GeorgeK 3rd May 2017, 19:21 Quote
I don't think that it looks awful but for £55 they should have included more than 1 fan - even a cheapy one in the back (or top) would make a massive difference to the cooling. Can't see this winning many fans though with the competition out there and also the lack of support for AIO coolers...
bawjaws 3rd May 2017, 19:33 Quote
I mean, this isn't a bad case or anything, but it's such a crowded market that the only reason you'd buy it over the competition is because you really, really liked the looks. To that end, why send a black/grey review sample when surely the black/blue or black/red ones must look a bit more distinctive?

Regardless, if you do like the look of this case then I recommend Specsavers :D
supermuchurios 3rd May 2017, 20:05 Quote
Generico black case...YAWWNNNNN!!
MightyBenihana 3rd May 2017, 23:10 Quote
I have to agree. When you look at all the cases people are producing themselves such as the Ncase M1, the Ghost, The sentry etc etc (I know they are the SFF ones and this is where it is happening a lot, not so much with ATX but still) and you see what they are designing and how great they look it is more than disappointing to see a producer as big as corsair either play safe and try to appeal to everyone but REALLY appealing to almost no one or to just miss the mark so badly.

The problem I think is that they confuse enthusiast with gamer and gamer with child.
tonyd223 4th May 2017, 09:26 Quote
ports on the right, window on the left? How does that work for anyone?
fingerbob69 4th May 2017, 09:32 Quote
Soon to be the default offering for commercial system builders.
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