Antec Cube EKWB Edition Review

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supermuchurios 19th April 2017, 16:53 Quote
£230. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.
Mister_Tad 19th April 2017, 17:13 Quote
First thought: "But of course it's going to be expensive if there's integrated rads and things like that"

Reads write-up: ...oh

I had to skim a second time to make sure that that "EKWB edition" actually just meant "now with EKWB logo"
Wakka 19th April 2017, 18:28 Quote
Should be a couple of inches shallower and a couple of inches higher and be able to fit a triple in the roof...

Otherwise, surprised EK put their name to it. I mean, they might as well have rounded it up to £300 and include a pre-fitted 240mm Predator kit.
xaser04 20th April 2017, 08:32 Quote
Wait, how much?!

Oh dear..
FaIIen 20th April 2017, 10:07 Quote
FFFFUUU at the price
davido_labido 20th April 2017, 11:40 Quote
Well, I visited EKWB in Slovenia a few months back and they were actually surprised that these were still due for release.

I am not sure what the full story was, so do take this with a pinch of salt, but EK seemed to suggest that they no longer wanted the partnership with Antec, but Antec could still release branded models if needed.

I actually stayed with one of the members of EK staff and he was surprised that I had seen a sample model as he thought they were cancelled.

Take all of the above with a pinch of salt though. They could have been trying to keep details under wraps from me or something along those lines. I have a distinct feeling it is somewhat true though as EK haven't promoted it much anywhere.
fingerbob69 20th April 2017, 12:01 Quote
Would probably got better gpu cooling with 2x120 fans fitted at the front [but you can only test as is, out-of-the-box, of course].

That they are not included given the price is just taking the piss really.
tonyd223 21st April 2017, 09:51 Quote
Originally Posted by supermuchurios
£230. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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