Raijintek Metis Plus Review

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Omnislip 10th February 2017, 14:43 Quote
Looks to me like Silverstone still winning the <£100 small ITX case battle - thinking of the RVZ-02/ML08 chassis in particular here.

PS I appreciate the ITX coverage!
bawjaws 10th February 2017, 15:11 Quote
A sensible upgrade on the original, although I'd have liked to have seen a bit more innovation. Still, I really like the Metis, and I absolutely love that blue anodised finish.
Gomfs 9th March 2017, 22:50 Quote
would have liked to see a bracket for use of SFF PSU's.
managed to get an Radeon 7970 1GHz in the old version of the Metis (had to take a little of the alu shielding since the power button collided with it) but the power-supply was the main issue.
found a CoolerMaster unit that was kind of heavy and beefy (700W) but was very short making cabling possible and way enough power for the 7970 and the AMD Athlon 840 FM2+ cpu.
though with an adapter and SFF PSU would have been better option and giving more workspace inside.

with the AMD X300 ITX chipset maybe coming later this case seems like a nice one for a new build
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