In-Win 901 Review

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MSIRawZ 20th May 2014, 15:09 Quote
My next case!
David 20th May 2014, 16:43 Quote
Despite the (very) high price, I really like this case.

Very interesting design for a mini-itx chassis, and I love the tucked away slimline ODD mount.
SchizoFrog 20th May 2014, 17:54 Quote
I really like this case too and think it would be an amazing centerpiece for a living room Gaming/HTPC.
The main thing I didn't like about it initially was the design and location of the optical drive, until I thought about how little I use it. It doesn't bother me anywhere near as much any more.

Definitely needs money to be spent on it to fill it with quality hardware that looks good as well as performs well.
Ljs 20th May 2014, 18:29 Quote
400mm deep for an m-ITX case? It's a beast! A fancy beast but huge nonetheless.
barny2767 20th May 2014, 18:29 Quote
In-Win have some really nice cases out now, not too long ago I was advising people to steer clear of them because they looked cheep and flimsy
Dogbert666 21st May 2014, 00:21 Quote
Originally Posted by barny2767
In-Win have some really nice cases out now, not too long ago I was advising people to steer clear of them because they looked cheep and flimsy

Yep - my first hardware review for bit-tech (unpublished) was a trial one for starting my work here, and it was of an In-Win chassis. I slated it for its design choices being completely out of touch with each other (e.g. noise dampening foam and huge porous mesh sections side by side; rubber grommets on the rear water-cooling holes but not the cable routing ones; dust filters beneath the PSU but not behind any other mesh sections etc. etc.), and it felt like it had just randomly dotted features around the case, which will remain unnamed, for the sake of a checklist.

And now we have something like this. You'd never guess it was the same company. It's expensive, sure, but it's crafted almost impeccably from top to bottom and as has been said already, it's something you'd want as a centre-piece and something that you'd actually design the rest of your build around. I don't know what designer(s) In-Win has hired but they've done a damn fine job here, and the company has come a long way too in terms of functionality in its more "normal" enclosures such as the GRone - if it can just capture some of the aesthetic finesse shown here in those cases it could really start to change people's minds about how it is usually perceived in the enthusiast community.
Jedibeeftrix 21st May 2014, 13:49 Quote
i have this case in the living room, fits perfectly glass facing outwards in my tv stand.

bought a Corsair H75, put the radaitior and one fan in the rear cavity and used the second as the filtered intake.

works great.
Fingers66 21st May 2014, 14:09 Quote
The review mentions...
Thanks to some special adaptor screws, you're also able to mount 120mm radiator all-in-one liquid coolers to the outside of this rear panel, using the large holes to feed the tubing through. However, this will obviously spoil the case's sleek exterior, so we can't see it being a popular choice.

However, according to images around the web, this looks (as expected) a touch unsightly...!!0-item_pic.jpg

However, it is possible to mount an AIO cooler inside the rear cavity which obviously improves the looks greatly...

Although plugging in the cables to the I/O could be tricky...
Jedibeeftrix 21st May 2014, 15:49 Quote
works fine with a corsair h75, this is what i have done.
David 21st May 2014, 15:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Fingers66
Although plugging in the cables to the I/O could be tricky...
You'd probably be ok if you were driving the monitor via HDMI, but I'd imagine DVI would be a pig - even the right angle DVI adapters I've seen are quite bulky.
trintragular 24th May 2014, 16:06 Quote
Great design but I think I'd be too scared to handle the glass side panels!

As SchizoFrog said, it definitely needs decent hardware to go with it.
Jedibeeftrix 25th May 2014, 14:04 Quote
agreed, i went over the top and got a yellow asus z87i-pro motherboard and matching PSU braided cables and memory, just to make it look nice! :D
The Bear 2nd June 2014, 11:42 Quote
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