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SchizoFrog 10th January 2014, 19:14 Quote
Originally Posted by jrs77

In conclusion I can do anything you do with your mITX-system put into a Prodigy, with a µATX put into a Prodigy instead.
Here we go with the ignoring part again. The layout of the mATX Prodigy is totally different and is not suitable to windows, especially from both sides as the Mini-ITX is. On the whole it is just not as versatile.
Originally Posted by jrs77

With HDDs of upto 4TB these days there's no need for more than a single HDD for storage plus a 2.5" SSD for OS and software anyways.
That's what I don't understand about mITX cases the size of the Prodigy. Simple as that.
Again with your own personal preference you totally dismiss anyone else's opinion or circumstances. What if someone wants to use RAID? What if someone has multiple older drives already (like I do) and wants to use them rather than wasting even more money on a new drive that isn't needed? Or just simply what if 4GB just isn't enough storage? It isn't for me as I currently have and run 2x2TB, 1x1.5TB, 1x1TB, 1x500GB and 1x250GB and none of it is in RAID which I would very much like to do one day.
Originally Posted by jrs77
And for the storage, if you really need more than some 4TB in your system... the better solution is to have external drives or a NAS for mass-storage. A single-slot NAS with hotswap-capability for example is what I recommend, as you can simply use lot's of HDDs to store data and you don't even need to have enclosures for all these HDDs. Think of it like an external optical drive, but with 2+TB per disk instead of the mere 50GB that can be stored on a BluRay.
So now you want me to solve my requirements by buying a motherboard I don't want because of the expansion slots I don't need. A NAS box I don't need. At least another HDD I don't need and to have the inconvenience of having to keep changing the connected HDD and to have the hassle of HDDs laying around while not in use... AND at the end of all this expense, I still don't have an attractive PC with the ability to show off the insides? And you have the cheek to say that a Mini-ITX case the size of the Prodigy is unnecessary?
jrs77 11th January 2014, 00:02 Quote
You can do whatever you want, but I'm entitled to give my oppinion about it, just as you're.

I wasn't allways of this oppinion I might add, and I've had my fair share of window-mods, watercooling setups and fancy cases during the last 30 years I'm sitting infront of a screen and a keyboard on my desk.

However, nowadays a PC is a tool for me, and tools don't need to look fancy, but they need to be efficient.

When I got my first PC it was a grey-yellowish box and I sure don't want these times back, but I'm totally fine with a square-edged black box, aslong as the internal layout is well designed for efficient cooling of the hardware.
The question of the size is only a second thought, but an important one, as a desk simply looks better when there's as little stuff as possible placed on it.
An AIO like an iMac would be the epitome for a desktop workstation, if we go by desktoop-clutter, but unfortunately the hardware isn't what I'd expect it to be in these AIOs.
Cei 11th January 2014, 21:46 Quote
Originally Posted by SchizoFrog
That is your opinion and is obviously NOT the opinion of everyone but once again the BitFenix Prodigy offers options that your compact Mini-ITX cases not only don't but can't offer. It may be silly for you but personally I do NEED more than 2 HDDs and an optical drive, although I don't care if it is full size or a discrete slimeline model.
Originally Posted by AlienwareAndy
If I were to go ITX I would have a 7990, six hard drives and god knows what else to go in it.

Why do you continually assume that people want tiny little cases when it's been shown that the Prodigy is a best seller?
Originally Posted by bawjaws
Pretty sure that Cei is just stating his personal opinion, and not trying to tell anyone else what they want or should have :D OTOH, if he IS trying to dictate to others what ITX must be, then he's a naughty boy!

Wow some people are touchy.

Of course it is my opinion. I typed it. I have nothing against 'larger' ITX cases for those weirdos who want to get the smallest motherboard they can and then attach ludicrous numbers of HDs or similar, but I get annoyed by the fact that some companies can't get past this weird ITX/mATX combo size.

By all means, BitFenix should produce the Prodigy and this new Colossus...however they should also cater for the actual intent of ITX, making things as small as possible. There's the Prodigy for those who think ITX cases should be the size of mATX cases, so why is the new one exactly the same damn size but with lights?

I would also note I never said the Prodigy was "cack". It's just a bit chubby in my opinion.
Corky42 12th January 2014, 07:21 Quote
Originally Posted by Cei
<snip>so why is the new one exactly the same damn size but with lights?
Because you can't beat lights for that bling thing :D
Tyinsar 17th January 2014, 04:52 Quote
Add me to the list of people saying that If I wanted a mATX size case I would go for a mATX board too. Generally those have more options, way more models available, are often cheaper, and they fit into cases this size or smaller. Hey, my mother still has a mATX system in an Antec Aria case that's less than 2/3 the volume of this ITX case (18.11L vs, 30.86 L).

ITX cases I've used for systems still in use: Mini-Box M350, Apex MI-008 (modded), Shuttle SPC / XPC cases, Silverstone Sugo SST-SG08B, Lian Li PC-Q08B. Of those only the last one is near this size (but still smaller) and it's being used as a NAS.
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