Corsair Carbide Series 330R Review

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David 17th July 2013, 10:02 Quote
Another example of Corsair attempting to exclude all forms of watercooling apart from the AIOs.

How hard is it to have the option to mount a drive cage mid-floor, leaving room to mount a decent rad at the front? Nanoxia's DS1 makes the 330 and the 350 look pretty underwhelming.

Corsair are all but dead to me now.
Saivert 17th July 2013, 11:07 Quote
Too many mid-tower cases have poor provision for watercooling gear. Instead they throw in lots of HDD slots, optical bays and whatnot. If you want to build a storage server there are better cases suited for just that. For a gaming PC you don't need a bunch of HDDs. I have a NAS for that. So the only alternative is a full-tower case and IMO those are just way too big (leaving lots of empty space even with watercooling gear installed). I want smaller case, not bigger but still with room for watercooling.
caution 21st July 2013, 17:11 Quote
I like the looks a lot, very humble and clean looking.

And since there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the design, it's down to retail price whether we'll see this case around a lot, or not.

Thanks for the rewiew :)
djzic 22nd July 2013, 09:19 Quote
Buy a Parvum S1.0 then. I did, and while it's a bit wasted on my rig at the moment, I will watercool it and it'll be awesome!
David 22nd July 2013, 11:06 Quote
Originally Posted by djzic
Buy a Parvum S1.0 then. I did, and while it's a bit wasted on my rig at the moment, I will watercool it and it'll be awesome!
That does look like a cracking little case, at a fair price, although I'd prefer more than two photos on the website - some showing the internals, including the drive bays, would be nice; and I'm a bit bemused that the USB ports are an extra £15. It also seems strange that it doesn't support 60mm rads in the front - although, I'm hoping this is just a recommendation to accommodate full length graphics cards - otherwise that would be a deal breaker for me.

That aside, I love the look and the general layout I can discern from some mod logs, and I'll seriously consider it if and when I decide to buy a new case.
coliea 23rd July 2013, 16:48 Quote
For the same money (or slightly less) I'd take the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2... or for substantially less the Fractal Design Core 3000!
azrael- 3rd August 2013, 17:08 Quote
Funny, that noone has made a comparison with the Corsair Obsidian 550D. I actually find that the 330R *looks* like the 550D should have looked (all black front, no fan openings at the side). People seem to forget that both cases are geared toward the "silent" crowd.
Charlbotha 14th November 2014, 09:34 Quote
I bought this one about a month ago and so far I am very happy with it
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