Corsair Carbide Air 540 Review

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t5kcannon 21st June 2013, 13:58 Quote
Originally Posted by AlienwareAndy
Man this is uber tempting. It reminds me of a cube chassis I had back in 2000.

Love the design, and how you can separate the components..

If I didn't have what I do I would be all over this like a rash.

I'm extremely tempted too. I have a Silverstone FT02-B for my main system, but think I'll buy this for my secondary system :)
ehume 22nd June 2013, 18:27 Quote
I'd like to try this with the rear fan removed.

This is the perfect case for placing under a shelf, from the short height to the front-mounted USB ports. On question -- did the author test those HD SATA cables to make sure they are 6 GB/s?
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