Fractal Design Define XL R2 Review

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bawjaws 22nd April 2013, 16:57 Quote
Woah, this has got a bit heated since I last looked in!

Whether there are QC issues with Fractal or not, I can't say, other than that my R3 has been rock-solid and certainly its build quality is better than the average. However, I can comment on my experience with Fractal's customer support...

I recently decided to try out the fan controller that ships with the R3 - one of those wee ones that takes up a PCI backplate and uses a molex to 2-pin power adapter. Unfortunately, the controller appeared to be dead - quite possibly as a result of a bit of excessive wiggling of the 2-pin connector on my part. I dropped Fractal a quick email asking if there was anywhere where I could buy a replacement, and they replied to say that they'd post one out! Less than a week later and a replacement "spares pack" (the wee box that comes with the R3 containing screws, cable ties, fan controller etc) arrived directly from Sweden.

I know it's not a major thing, but I was impressed - there are plenty of manufacturers out there who would have been far less helpful, or would have charged for spares, especially if they needed to be sent from overseas. So for that, Fractal get a big thumbs up from me :D
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