Antec GX700 Review

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David 7th March 2013, 10:25 Quote
No case design will ever be for everyone, and our gut tells us that the specific theme of the GX700 will probably deter more people than it attracts
You can say that again. It looks bloody awful, and that covered switch on the top is so tacky.

It's subjective, I know, but I can't see anyone other than a teenager who would find this case appealing.
Shirty 7th March 2013, 11:26 Quote
I actually vomited before I could finish reading the first page, such a hideous design. I don't know if I can bring myself to read the rest of the article, despite desperately wanting to see the temps and score.
Pookie 7th March 2013, 12:01 Quote
Yuck! may appeal to a 13 year old but I wouldnt touch a case with this styling. Corsairs military styled cases look awful too!
Bungletron 7th March 2013, 12:27 Quote
Love it, particularly the 'weapons free' power switch! Pair it up with an Asus Sabretooth would be cool.
GeorgeK 7th March 2013, 13:46 Quote
Dear Science that thing is ugly...
Tangster 7th March 2013, 17:31 Quote
That's absolutely foul!
adidan 7th March 2013, 19:01 Quote
Fugly case is fugly.

It's not even overly cheap as an excuse, not that that is an excuse nowadays.
VaLkyR-Assassin 7th March 2013, 22:39 Quote
I also felt the need to comment on the ugliness of the case. Truly hideous. Makes me feel better about my own looks!
Combatus 7th March 2013, 23:52 Quote
I had to lol at the comments! Looks like a half-finished camo mod, and not a great one at that. IMHO of course...
zoom314 8th March 2013, 06:53 Quote
I noticed one thing off the bat in the picture of the case at the rear, the ports for water cooling tubing are badly placed, as the ports look like they will be blocked by a 240/280 radiator, if a radiator is not a closed loop radiator that is.
LightningPete 18th March 2013, 17:50 Quote
Comical or Novelty. But other than that, isnt exactly great. Id strongley suggest a cheaper case and buy better insides instead or put the cash towards affording an SSD aswell as a high capacity HDD for a better system.
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