Fractal Design Core 3000 review

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Xir 21st January 2013, 12:49 Quote
No Filters, No USB3.
Where'd this box come from, the 90's?
Dogbert666 21st January 2013, 13:29 Quote
Ha. There are dust filters for both the PSU and entire front section, as was mentioned and photographed :P but the lack of USB3 is a shame, yes.
MrJim 21st January 2013, 13:30 Quote
Why do so many cases omit a cutout for the 8 pin power cable? It ruins the look of an otherwise neat cabling job. I agree about the lack of USB3 front connector support & filters...both should be standard on any modern case.
Gareth Halfacree 21st January 2013, 13:33 Quote
I was looking at the Core 3000 for a proposed eight-core build - my desktop's in a Define Mini, and I have few complaints other than the lack of a hard drive activity light. If I do end up building another machine, the Core 3000 is certainly high on the list - it's a damn sight cheaper than the Define Mini, for a start...
biojellywobbles 21st January 2013, 15:34 Quote
I had the same problem of very tight side panels in my Core 1000 seems that it's a problem with the design they use for both cases.
Zinfandel 21st January 2013, 15:51 Quote
Originally Posted by biojellywobbles
I had the same problem of very tight side panels in my Core 1000 seems that it's a problem with the design they use for both cases.

You'd have to consider it's more about keeping costs down than a design flaw, the 1000 is £30, what do you want for £30? I'm not saying I wouldn't like them, the 1000 is a cracking little case and I'd happily pay a few quid more for some more space (read, any space and a cutout or two) behind the mobo tray.
velo 21st January 2013, 18:53 Quote
So that's the Midgard II and Core 3000 reviewed in the space of less than a fortnight, just as I'm trying to put together a budget build! Good going, BT - now I've just got to decide whether the Core 3000's better cooling and lower price outweighs the Midgard II's USB 3 and better cable routing...
monkiboi 21st January 2013, 22:17 Quote
Personally I find the Core 3000 the better looking case out of the two but the wiring issue is a little off putting. Does anyone think there would be any issues in taking a dremel to the motherboard tray?
SuicideNeil 22nd January 2013, 00:23 Quote
I don't see why you couldn't mod the chassis to perform better- that's what we're all here for after all :D
samuraiweasel 22nd January 2013, 09:00 Quote
I got it 2 weeks ago and i'm happy, i'm still running a q6600 so no USB 3 isn't an issue, till i upgrade.
build quality is nice.
@MrJim, there is a cutout for the cpu power, but not all power supplies have a long enough cable...i'm guessing that's why they didn't route it round the back.
Invictus. 23rd January 2013, 18:47 Quote
I've got the Core 3000, baught it the stat of the month. Lack of USB3 on the top doesnt really bother me too much as I dont own any USB3 devices.

As for the Cutout it is a bit of a pain not to have a hole up the top but its been mentioned by sniperdude to run the cable through the CPU backplate hole and up over the top of the board of which could be a solution. However with the top fan in its default place there is not much room to work with regards to cabling.
Dogbert666 24th January 2013, 14:10 Quote
Just to reiterate what's been added to the article, the USB 3.0 version of the Core 3000 which is listed on Fractal's site will be launching in the coming months with a UK MSRP of £54.95. The review and score for the regular Core 3000 remains unchanged, however.
Xir 28th January 2013, 09:32 Quote
USB 3.0 version still isn't sold, is it?
Dogbert666 28th January 2013, 12:34 Quote
Originally Posted by Xir
USB 3.0 version still isn't sold, is it?

All we've been told is that it will be available in the UK in the coming months. No more specifics, sorry!
Xir 29th January 2013, 09:51 Quote
also sorry, i've been reading so many case reviews, i got them mixed up, i thought the review was older
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