Cooler Master HAF XM review

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Pookie 24th September 2012, 08:13 Quote
Look's like it was designed by a klingon :)
GuilleAcoustic 24th September 2012, 08:20 Quote
That thing is fugly xD
Hustler 24th September 2012, 10:35 Quote
I just cant look past the Fractal R4 these's such a subtle,stylish work of art in the PC case department.
SMIFFYDUDE 24th September 2012, 13:37 Quote
Was it designed by dropping it from a great height? My HAF 932 looks kinda alright when compared to this.
mi1ez 24th September 2012, 13:38 Quote
Manufactured by chimps with crowbars?
tonyd223 24th September 2012, 16:26 Quote
fugly - even my 922 looks better...
David 24th September 2012, 23:07 Quote
Not to my taste, but I wouldn't say it was fugly; just looks like another case stamped out by the "no new ideas" department.
Kovoet 25th September 2012, 11:23 Quote
I have the HAF X case and have liked it as well as having the Cosmos S and the stacker 832 in the past. I do not like this case yes its smaller than what I have had in the past but if you look at the new Scout case that they have just released there is quite a large difference in looks. The HAF X can just get away with these looks because of its size but not in this size
TheDarkSide 25th September 2012, 20:31 Quote
agree with the comments, who wants such an eyesore sitting next to them?
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