CM Storm Trooper Review

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Noob? 18th November 2011, 10:53 Quote
Nice review.
Hustler 18th November 2011, 11:43 Quote
I was interested in one of these when i first saw pictures of it....but i recently saw one in the flesh so to speak, and its..JUST HUGE, to the point of looking very unappealing at thought of it sitting on my desk, damn thing would blot out all sunlight from the nearby window..:)), and i'd have to stand up all the time just to plug stuff into the front ports...which would get old real quick.

So, i think I'll go with the more elegant Corsair 500R.....
Sarakon 18th November 2011, 11:56 Quote
For some reason i quite like the looks of this case (usually i also prefer the clean looks having a Corsair 650D myself)
And it does look very big indeed!!
Woodspoon 18th November 2011, 12:52 Quote
Looks quite nice, maybe a little plasticy but quite nice.
Kovoet 18th November 2011, 12:58 Quote
I actually like the look of this case and its good tests on the GPU cooling means that with a Corsair CPU water cooler will do the trick perfectly
Grimloon 18th November 2011, 21:00 Quote
Hmm, looks OK in a "function over form" kind of way. I rather like it but there are a couple of things that puzzle me.

1) Is that handle truly functional? I did read the claim but it seems a little exaggerated considering the lack of any internal bracing to carry that sort of weight. Any chance of a Bit-Tech test where the case (without system) is loaded with bricks and given to Harry to move to a different part of the building? (BTW, what happened to the Harry button testing for durability? Did he suddenly become incapable of breaking them with a single press or is Coolermaster his kryptonite?)

2) The CPU delta T chart shows the high speed HDD cage perpendicular figures as being worse than the low speed HDD cage perpendicular results but the numbers are identical? Is that right or a slight faux pas with the figures? Not a dig, just curious.
shrop 18th November 2011, 21:16 Quote
Plastic and dog ugly. When will CM ever make a decent looking case?
Tangster 18th November 2011, 22:53 Quote
Originally Posted by shrop
Plastic and dog ugly. When will CM ever make a decent looking case?

ACTS 840?

Also, not in white? Disappoint.
shrop 18th November 2011, 23:39 Quote
Originally Posted by Tangster
ACTS 840?

Also, not in white? Disappoint.

I did say, 'good' looking. lol :D
grritsshawn 20th November 2011, 18:30 Quote
Its about as useless as air cooling as the 800d....but with water cooling u got enough room
Howdy 25th January 2012, 18:48 Quote
I like and have this case, handle works fine but when carrying it does fell like all the wait is at the back compared to the storm scout which felt more balanced. No offence to the previous comments but I don't buy a case for looks just features and this case has the space and options for a lot of ideas.
Howdy 25th January 2012, 18:59 Quote
I like and have this case. I have this one and the Scout but with the Trooper, most of the weight is at the back. Which you notice when lifting it compared to the Scout which had more evenly proportioned weight thanks to the handle deign.

The only thing letting the case down I would say is the manual........... As it wasn't very clear when changing the hard drive fan positions.

I'm not bothered about the look as it's the parts inside that make a pc, case is optional, but the majority desire a nice looking one

All in all I would give it 9/10, easy to work with but the manual needs improving or make it easier to change the fan positions for the hard drives.
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