Lian Li PC-V2120 Review

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Bakes 19th March 2011, 13:08 Quote
Originally Posted by Spotswood
I'm astonished so many readers are willing to give bit-tech a free pass for this (almost) worthless review. Why are readers so concerned about how much money or "work" its going to cost bit-tech to do a proper review of this case (or any other product for that matter)? Bit-tech is a for profit enterprise! Its unfortunate that they've decided not to invest time and money in order to give their readers some useful information. Or, maybe they have no idea how to properly test a case designed to house a water cooled rig?

I'm a generous guy, so for whenever they have the opportunity to review another water cooling case, they should try to answer some of these questions:

- With a rad mounted in the top of the case, how much clearance is between it and the motherboard?
- Would a push/pull setup fit? And how about with deep fans?
- How much work would be required to mod the case in order to fit a quad radiator in the top? Would you loose the use of the top 5.25-inch drive bay?
- Would a 120mm radiator fit on the back?
- Would H50/70s fit anywhere?
- Would a radiator fit in the front?
- etc.

Don't get me wrong, I read bit-tech almost every day, but surely they could have done better on this review.

Yes - the Lian Li V1200 series is designed almost purely for water cooling - yet bit-tech have not really even mentioned it. Noone gives a crap about fan clearance if they've got waterblocks!
Ipatinga 19th March 2011, 14:40 Quote
At least we a case for SR-2...

As for the rest, for the price Lian Li is asking, you can see you will get screw up (or, pay a lot and not get all the features a case of this magnitude should have). Hope (yeah, keep dreaming) Lian Li get some sense and at least start putting things the competition has (like the 800D from Corsair).
FDAD 19th March 2011, 14:55 Quote
I would buy it only for server purposes...
aviat72 12th October 2011, 05:11 Quote
Even if they can not setup a water cooling kit, they should put one fan on the top, near the CPU area to get some air going there. Right now there are no fans near the CPU, everything is near the hard-disks. No wonder the CPU temperatures are higher. The PC-A77 has three fans near the top in the same place as this case, and they do a good job in cooling.
aviat72 12th October 2011, 05:28 Quote
If putting a water cooler would have been hard, you could have put at least a fan at the top of the case. That way you get some air to the CPU. Right now the fans are a feet away. No wonder the GPU does great but the CPU needs help.
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