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friskies 3rd December 2010, 20:47 Quote
Looks really cool!
lenne0815 3rd December 2010, 21:11 Quote
I think its gorgeous, i really like the design approach with the large wents, many manufacturers try to somehow incorporate them into a giving design idea, which will always be distracting and unsolved looking.
By making the vents the main concept of the looks a really clean and appealing case comes out, even though the side vent obviously should be recessed like the top and front vents.
Only other thing i would change is giving the logo a white background, thats how much i like this case :D
HandMadeAndroid 3rd December 2010, 21:38 Quote
Originally Posted by Fractal Design
Hello everyone,

Some quick comments from us at Fractal;

- We'll release new pictures shortly, in which I promise the whole design will make much more sense. Especially top and front panel...
- Dual 120 rads, also thicker ones up to 60mm, will fit perfectly even with bigger memory modules like for example Corsair Dominator
- There is 2x 140mm fan slots in the front, not 120mm
- It will be 1x USB 3.0 and 3x USB 2.0
- Expected street price is 69.99 GBP / 79.99 EUR incl. VAT
- The case is considerably wider than Define, which gives much more space behind the M/B plate for cable routing
- There is 8x HDD trays, not 7x, and the upper four are in a removable, rotatable HDD cage.

Hi FD,

I really like the design of this case, and the price point. It seems to carry many design features that have been the reserve of higher priced cases; cable management, quick release hard drives, black interior etc. Are the top drive cages removable to allow for longer cards or better air-flow? Also, when is this case expected to be released?
Konias 3rd December 2010, 22:45 Quote
Grat looking case. But its too big for my taste. So Im realy gleadly to hear about new microATX case. I dont understand, why new "gaming" microATX cases like NZXT Vulcan, InWin Dragon slayer or Lian Li PC-A04 or V354 did not support 12cm outtake fan. So its impossible to use water coolink kit like Corsair H50/70 etc.

New miniITX case for gamers will be rely great idea too.
Lord-Vale3 4th December 2010, 00:57 Quote
Originally Posted by Phoenixlight
Why would you be looking at cases now for a build in three years time? it would be a better idea to buy a case released in 2013, if you were buying a case now you wouldn't look and see what was released in 2007.

I'm not. Like I said, if Fractal Design keeps this kind of stuff up, and if whatever Antecs refresh of their Performance One line (most likely a P184) doesnt improve the series enough (needs a CPU backplate cut out, needs to support WC, etc), then 3 years from now Fractal will have better cases, and my money will go to them.

I like their cases with their classy understated looks, yet with the ability to host some BA hardware inside. I like my machines to be powerful, but not flashy, and this case has that capability.
iancook221188 4th December 2010, 01:12 Quote
hello fractal design i really like the look of this case, it is great to see this case developing and to be able in some way contribute to it development .

is there any way you could fit an 8th expansion slot in there most case don't seem to get one but a lot of the motherboards out like the gigabytes have a 16x in the 7th slot making it hard to fit another graphic card in, so many cases could come with one but they don't put one in, is there any was you could fit another in your case?

i would like to know how you are going to put the fan controller in and how many channel you are thinking of having, are you thinking of having extra channel for the extra fan placements??
AkIRA_22 4th December 2010, 10:58 Quote
Originally Posted by Fractal Design
Originally Posted by teppo
Any chance for a Fractal Design mATX case in the near future?

Stay tuned, that will be released quite soon :)

Oh man, I'm excited now. My Antec P180mini is starting to get old I need some new uATX hotness and something in the ARC design would be perfect. Plus nice work including 140mm fans, it should be standard.
Shevce_24 4th December 2010, 16:39 Quote
What have been done to keep it quiet ? Will it be quite as R3 ? Any new innovations compare to R3 ? Or main focus is cooling and this case wont have "quite" features ?

Thank you.! Keep a good work.
Saltire35 5th December 2010, 18:11 Quote
I love this case... Just to confirm, will there be 2 x 140mm on the front, 3 x 140mm up top and 1 x 140mm rear ?

Also, imo to make this case perfect is offer an optional (or included) window panel... not a stupid one like other manufactures do.. one with the window is the approx size of the motherboard.

Just my tuppence worth... Would happily pay just short of £100 including the window panel for this if the spec is correct ?????
[USRF]Obiwan 6th December 2010, 14:47 Quote
^^^ motherboard sized frame window indeed. Why on earth do you want to see the PSU and all cables below and all stuff on the right side. To be honest I mostly cut out my own windows.

I love this case. A mid tower with room in the top for rads. EVERY other mid towercase it would not fit. Or the motherboard sits right against the top fans. thumbs up for this!
whiz187 14th December 2010, 18:11 Quote
It appears that there are only two open bays at the top of the case. Might be more flexible with three. Currently I use two, DVD and hot swap HD rack, but you never know what might be needed later.

My current case is used on a hard floor and has small castors (wheels on the bottom) I like that feature and would like to see the option on this case.

I like the looks of the front grill, which I assume contributes to air flow, no doors please.
stupido 16th December 2010, 13:28 Quote
I really like this case. the only nit picking for me would be to go with asymmetric HDD cage - so you can have triple HDD cage and than all your PCI(e) slots are free to have unimpeded air flow to your multi GPU setup... while still be able to have several HDDs... or maybe if the cage can be placed such that the HDs are vertical (the case is wide enough to have 4 x 3.5 HDD stacked vertically for a nice RAID setup?
shensoky 21st December 2010, 15:00 Quote
I'm just wondering if the issue with the grommets popping out when running cable through them has been resolved. Not that it was a serious issue but just enough to be annoyance in the R2 and R3.
Fractal Design 22nd December 2010, 14:09 Quote
Shensoky: Yes, that has been resolved, as well as in the latest revision in the R3.
Fractal Design 22nd December 2010, 15:10 Quote
Saltire35: Yes, there is 2x 140mm slots in the front and 1x 140mm in the rear. In the top you actually have three different options; either 3x 120mm fans OR 3x 140mm fans OR 1x 180mm fan + 1x 120/140mm fan. Well, you could also mount a dual 120 rad in the top ;-)

As for windowed side panel; it will be sold as a separate item.
Fractal Design 22nd December 2010, 15:12 Quote
Shevce_24: Opposed to Define R2/R3/XL, there is no noise absorbing material mounted in the case. The Arc Series is targeted on cooling possibilities at first.
Fractal Design 22nd December 2010, 15:14 Quote
iancook221188: We will not fit an eight horizontal slot in this case, however, it will come in future, bigger versions of the Arc. The fan controller will be similar to the one in R2/R3/XL, which is mounted in one of the rear expansion slots, ideally in the vertical slot. It has a channel for three fans.
Mattmc91 22nd December 2010, 15:14 Quote
C-C-C-Combo breaker!
Fractal Design 22nd December 2010, 15:17 Quote
HandMadeAndroid: Yes, the top HDD cage is both removable and rotatable. Remove it completely to fit longer graphic cards or rotate it to just improve air flow. We expect the case to be avaiable in march in UK.
cool_dude 22nd December 2010, 15:23 Quote
How is the gap behind the motherboard tray for cables? Also how thick is the material? My R2 was quite flimsy on the top.

Also any chance of a 600T style rad mounting at the top? looks like theres room up there for 120.3 rad :)

Also any chance of a window just rectangle with circular edges, highlighting just the centre hardware (no visible cd/hdd cages)? Just a simple window, no holes for fans etc to go with the simplicity design. {similiar to the cutting style on the front of the case}.
Fractal Design 22nd December 2010, 16:27 Quote
cool_dude: The space between motherboard tray and right side panel is very good on the Arc, this case is wider than R2/R3. The material has also been upgraded to thicker steel, so I think you'll feel that the Arc is much sturdier.

Unfortunately, the case is too small for a 3x 120 rad if you don't want to make some serious modding yourself and cut away the top 5,25" mount.

Window - yes, it wil come, and will be sold separately.
Saltire35 30th December 2010, 00:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Fractal Design
Saltire35: Yes, there is 2x 140mm slots in the front and 1x 140mm in the rear. In the top you actually have three different options; either 3x 120mm fans OR 3x 140mm fans OR 1x 180mm fan + 1x 120/140mm fan. Well, you could also mount a dual 120 rad in the top ;-)

As for windowed side panel; it will be sold as a separate item.

Thanks for the feedback... excellent news, seems the perfect case imo. Just looking for somewhere to buy it from now ;)
Fingers66 31st December 2010, 12:18 Quote
Nice, it is able to fit a roof mounted rad...
tehehe 12th January 2011, 16:11 Quote
Arc midi could be better if all drive cages were removable (both hdd cages as well as 5.25'' cage). It would be a lot more customizable without modding and possibly it would not raise price more (if at all). When this case is gonna be readily available in Europe?
SaveFerris 21st January 2011, 05:59 Quote
Anyone know when this is available in the states? Looking for a case now and really like this one but can't find an accurate release date.
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