Fractal Design Define XL Review

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TheQuadFather 22nd February 2011, 19:29 Quote
that roof fan is a terrible idea, mounting at an angle like that makes on side of the bearings wear down faster than the other and makes a very irritating noise, and yes i know this from experience.
Mankz 9th June 2011, 17:58 Quote
I've just got an XL, and my issues with it are:

Mobo mounts too close to the floor, and its impossible to route cables behind the board.

My mobo has its EPS connector right where the 180mm fan is, and its difficult to connect it up

These could all be fixed by 5 mins with a dremel, but I can't be bother at the mo.

I got it for £85 off Scan, but I dont think I would have stretched to the original £120 asking price.
keiff_hardcore 16th October 2011, 23:25 Quote
If they made the mobo studs taller, used a turbine fan for the top, and put a wiring grommet in the top of the p/s chamber this case would be awesome...
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