Cooler Master HAF 912: First Look

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TWeaK 6th September 2010, 09:02 Quote
Sounds like a pretty good case, shame it was beaten with an ugly stick.
Jack_Pepsi 6th September 2010, 09:30 Quote
Out of all the fuglies, this is the one I like the most. If I was given a HAF 912 (as I wouldn't buy one) I'd definitely make a Dead Space case.

perplekks45 6th September 2010, 10:27 Quote
I'm still happy with my 932.
Great to see this series evolving more and more. I like the design and the build quality is just amazing for the price.
sleepygamer 6th September 2010, 10:38 Quote
This... this actually looks alright. I usually hate the HAF cases. Wow. And if it sells for £65 I would be all over that stuff.
thomuk 6th September 2010, 10:43 Quote
Hmm, it looks interesting, I like the features but its uglier than the 922. Maybe should do a mod that takes the best of both....
dispie 6th September 2010, 11:42 Quote
the haf-x and love the look because it huge and industrial looking

This one they just went a bit to far with there theme and the window mount is just ugly
Dudey109 6th September 2010, 11:47 Quote
Insides look good, shame about the outside not being as pretty as it could.
azrael- 6th September 2010, 12:15 Quote
Agree with the previous posters. This is once again fugly as hell. Why is it (apparently) soooo hard creating cases with a bit of style...?
V3ctor 6th September 2010, 13:21 Quote
Originally Posted by azrael-
Agree with the previous posters. This is once again fugly as hell. Why is it (apparently) soooo hard creating cases with a bit of style...?

X2... Style and design dudes... Not this... :/
billysielu 6th September 2010, 13:44 Quote
another butt-ugly case :/
Hustler 6th September 2010, 14:31 Quote
This will definately be my replacement for my Coolermaster Elite 335.....

It has improvements in all the right areas from my perspective, namely space for cable management behind the Mobo tray, enough case width to hold a premium CPU cooler, and enough depth to hold any top end gfx card.

None of which can be said about my current 335.......and for only £60-70.....i think its a winner.
Cobalt 6th September 2010, 15:53 Quote
This is a definite improvement over the earlier HAF cases. It retains the industrial look without being disjointed and busy. Its a shame that they won't be offering all versions in all territories though. I could really do with a new case as my CM Centurion is starting to show its age. It has decent performance and is very durable, but feature-wise it is lacking compared to newer models.

This is going on my "to buy" list assuming it doesn't turn out to have abysmal cooling.
23RO_UK 6th September 2010, 16:08 Quote
I so like this ;) ;) ;)
Fordy 6th September 2010, 16:12 Quote
Stupid having those different models for different parts of the world though...

I want all black and a window - but what, because I live in the UK, I suck, and can't have that?

Fabou 6th September 2010, 16:55 Quote
bit-tech reader mostly don't don't like the design. But I think for this price it's still a good deal. Plus the new option especially watercooling more easily accesible is a nice move from coolermaster. usually case designeg for watercooling are the most expensive.
slugbug 6th September 2010, 17:02 Quote
Nice case but why make a different version for North America, Asia, and Europe ?
23RO_UK 6th September 2010, 17:07 Quote
Originally Posted by slugbug
Nice case but why make a different version for North America, Asia, and Europe ?

The same could be asked of Xigmatek, the mesh side panelled version of the Utgard is not available in the UK I had to order mine from Germany...
dangerman1337 6th September 2010, 18:23 Quote
Bit dissapointed about the fact there isn't USB 3.0 ports on the front like its bigger brother.
Star*Dagger 6th September 2010, 18:36 Quote
A properly powerful PSU pumping primary power in a Bit-Tech machine, a sure sinister sign showing the endtimes!
Zinfandel 6th September 2010, 18:45 Quote
So, so much ugly.
SMIFFYDUDE 6th September 2010, 18:46 Quote
I didn't like the look of the 932 when I first saw pics of it, but having owned one for a few months its kinda growing on me. Well the front of it is.
23RO_UK 6th September 2010, 18:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Zinfandel
So, so much ugly.

It will have to go some to beat the Antec :)
Kovoet 6th September 2010, 18:56 Quote
I have the HAF "X" but this is one sexy little case
23RO_UK 6th September 2010, 18:58 Quote
Originally Posted by Kovoet
I have the HAF "X" but this is one sexy little case

Very much agreed apon that ;) ;) ;)
Fizzban 6th September 2010, 18:59 Quote
It looks like the slightly better looking offspring of the Antec Dark Fleet (Possibly the most butt ugly omdz-it-hit-every-tree-branch-falling-from-the-ugly-fail-tree, ever. Also looks a bit like the HAF-X which lets face it aint the the best looking case either.

The CM 690II Advanced is what I have and once you add an extra fan or 2 it not only does the same job airflow-wise as the more expensive also looks a 100X better.
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