Lian Li Remote Control Spider Case

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crazyceo 8th June 2010, 08:49 Quote
Yeah but can the T1R dance the Funky Gibbon? That's the important question we want answering!
proxess 8th June 2010, 08:58 Quote
Kinda useless. You've still gotta plug it in...
memeroot 8th June 2010, 09:04 Quote
how high can it jump? can the jumping be made to work in time with my mp3s?
Nature 8th June 2010, 09:43 Quote
I have a cool idea for a TV show... Pimp my PC!

Have a shoddy system? We can get your PC or laptop turning tricks in no time! With all new state of the art creative upgrades such as:
Cappicino dispenser
Fleshlight ( for those who love their computer so so much)
24" Rims
robotic arm massage
afro (available in Lg, Med, sm, and childrens)
garbage disposel
candle and cup holder ( for the romantics)
easybake oven (socket 478 users just don't install fans)
Sexual transmitted disease emitter (a/b/g/n +bluetooth)
neck tie or pearl necklace (can be free)
ouija board
bonzai tree
more monkeys
and the democratic republic of the congo all on your chasis!

The_Beast 8th June 2010, 09:51 Quote
I've said it before, that spider case is useless to an extreme. Who benches a m-itx board anyways? And if you don't who wants an open air case?
Unknownsock 8th June 2010, 09:53 Quote
So how many years till my computer can walk over to the kitchen and get me a drink :o
Jamie 8th June 2010, 10:01 Quote
I'm sorry, but spiders have 8 legs, not 4.
stonedsurd 8th June 2010, 10:03 Quote
How utterly pointless.

The Q08 and V1020B look great, though.
alpaca 8th June 2010, 10:10 Quote
can it make me a sandwich?
mi1ez 8th June 2010, 10:13 Quote
Q08 - Win!
V1020 - Looks a bit too much like a case from anopther company. Stick with the plain, but quality cases.
Xir 8th June 2010, 10:14 Quote
I'd like to build small form factor again (as I don't use any expansionslots bare graphics), but mini-ITX of Flex-ATX or mini-ATX...doesn't really matter.
Finally a nice front-in-rear-out-case design though. Itsa-simple!
Baz 8th June 2010, 10:15 Quote
Think you guys need to take the serious faces off. The T1R is just a bit of fun, it's never supposed to be genuine product with mass appeal. Add some remote control servos and a battery pack and it's a neat little mod.
Baz 8th June 2010, 10:15 Quote
Good to hear the positive feedback from the Q08 - Deffo getting one in for review.
HandMadeAndroid 8th June 2010, 10:44 Quote
waste of time, it's a computer
huguberhart 8th June 2010, 10:50 Quote
It's a head crab. They have great cases. I have their q07. Lot of people tried to fit full size system parts in it and now they got q08 and q11.
_Metal_Guitar_ 8th June 2010, 11:36 Quote
I think I'll take the screaming PVC-clad Taiwanese girls over a robotic test bed.
crazyceo 8th June 2010, 11:38 Quote
Originally Posted by Unknownsock
So how many years till my computer can walk over to the kitchen and get me a drink :o

I've got an R2D2 but the lazy b@$t4rd won't learn how to get to the kitchen let alone open the fridge and get me a cold one.
Redbeaver 8th June 2010, 13:52 Quote
Q08 looks pretty sweet to replace my aging half-a-ton TJ06...
Scootiep 8th June 2010, 14:16 Quote
Ok, just got a great idea for a prank with this case. Program it to follow and attempt to climb anyone holding a specific tablet PC or smart-phone. Then give it to a new hire in the office. Leave him alone in the office switch it on and and lock the door on your way out. Record ensuing hilarity. "HELP, THE REPLICATORS ARE ATTACKING!"
MrJay 8th June 2010, 15:28 Quote
Originally Posted by Baz
Good to hear the positive feedback from the Q08 - Deffo getting one in for review.

Awesome : )

Has anyone got any info on UK launch dates for the PC-Q08?
sethnmalice 8th June 2010, 18:01 Quote
Whomever made it should sell the robot conversion kit for the spider case, then we could all own one, i think the case looks great, and although its tiny form factor, its a lot cheaper than its predecessors, I bought one because i want my HTPC hanging off the wall, so big thumbs up to lian-li for being innovating.
HourBeforeDawn 8th June 2010, 19:19 Quote
okay would be cooler if they actually had a working computer built into that spider instead of just the chassis being motorized and two is anyone else not bothered by the fact it looks like a Replicator from Stargate SG-1... should we be afraid??? lol.
Elton 9th June 2010, 00:50 Quote
LL usually has a crazy idea every year, so this one isn't too bad.

PC-777 anyone? At any rate, the other cases are beautiful.
Cyberpower-UK 9th June 2010, 12:23 Quote
I envisage taking over the world with an army or robot spiders...

I think it may be medication time!
PingCrosby 10th June 2010, 17:02 Quote
Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find it crawling across the ceiling...get the rolled up newspaper ready.
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