Cooler Master on the HAF X and its future

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BobbinThreadbare 26th May 2010, 13:41 Quote
I might be in the minority, but I actually prefer "home computer" cases made by the likes of Acer, Dell, HP, etc.

"Gamer" cases like the HAF X are way too gaudy for me. What happened to simple, elegant lines?
Teh C 26th May 2010, 14:01 Quote
I think it looks much better than the 932. Honestly though, it isn't a case, its just a small wind tunnel
SMIFFYDUDE 26th May 2010, 15:39 Quote
Why do gamer orientated cases have to be so embarrassing. I own a HAF 932 because it was the best value case that could house my E-ATX motherboard, not because I was attracted to its styling. PC gaming is still regarded as quite geeky, campared to console gaming, and having a case that looks like an ammo crate doesnt help improve that impression. Not all gamers are 14 yr old american boys who think playing Modern Warfare 2 is the same as joining the army.
pimonserry 26th May 2010, 16:43 Quote
Will be nice to see Cooler Master back with a clean aesthetic. The Cosmos case looks damn nice
Jipa 26th May 2010, 17:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Teh C
I think it looks much better than the 932. Honestly though, it isn't a case, its just a small wind tunnel

Now that you mentioned, that's true. Took a closer look at the pictures and it's much better than the 932. A bit like the CM Storm Sniper.. It was a gaming case as well, but not as over the top as some.

The problem with HAF932 IMO was the side panel where they just couldn't decide what to do and ended up doing everything on it.
ripmax 26th May 2010, 17:37 Quote
I did like the 932 but if i was going to get a new rig i would get the thermaltake armor+
glaeken 26th May 2010, 18:07 Quote
Do all the intake fans finally have filters? Something the 932 was seriously lacking.
Floyd 26th May 2010, 18:12 Quote
Who said the 932 couldnt fit a triple rad?!
I have a triple rad plus custom one off spacers (not guted fans) and some 25mm thick fans and still have room inside.
Apocalypso 26th May 2010, 20:49 Quote
I find that case deeply unpleasant to look at, however the internals look like a dream to work with.
Kovoet 26th May 2010, 22:30 Quote
right its time to sell my 832 stacker I think and time time to get a new case.

This I will get upon arrival.
void 27th May 2010, 01:32 Quote
Not so keen on the looks of the HAF X, but it was an interesting read about the future plans of CM. Hopefully we may see a new Cosmos in 2011 or a new series.
Cyberpower-UK 27th May 2010, 09:30 Quote
Can it still fit a pair of stacked 240mm radiators at the top?
badman_mo007 27th May 2010, 10:57 Quote
I saw a video review of this, it has some pretty good additions compared to the HAF 932, including removable dust filters which is a really good news.
may sell my 932 to buy this.
zr_ox 27th May 2010, 14:13 Quote
I like CM's cases, I really do but they are always marred by build quality...IMHO.

After owning a CM Stacker 830 and hating it my next case was a Silverstone TJ09. For the same price the TJ09 blew the CM case away in terms of build quality and styling. Then I bought a TJ07 for water cooling, again it eclipsed the CM Stacker, yet they cost the same.

Then for my latest build I went back to CM and bought the ATCS 840, only to be dissapointed yet again by the build quality.

CM cases are too expensive for the quality of materials, and standard of workmanship. You do of course need to have owned Lian-Li and/or Silverstone cases to understand this.
sheepanator 27th May 2010, 19:54 Quote
It is fugly until it turn into Optimus Prime!
Fire Strike 27th May 2010, 20:06 Quote
This case looks bad ass, just a shame its so big and i have no room to put it! (but I still want one);)
SuicideNeil 28th May 2010, 02:05 Quote
Looks fugly & huge, yet after a few beers it looks quite nice; much like the girls you see on a friday night.

Looked up the ATCS 210 for lolz; no wonder CoolerMaster werent enthused about it- God damn thing is hideous!
Krikkit 28th May 2010, 13:36 Quote
Another well-featured case that isn't tall enough to go under my desk and not look stupid. Looks like I'll be sticking with my Chieftec a bit longer. :(
Feyd 10th June 2010, 12:45 Quote
I want one but am looking at building my system now. Any idea on a release date?
Cyberpower-UK 25th June 2010, 15:02 Quote
Mid July I think
robert69 24th July 2010, 19:08 Quote
"otherwise known as looking like Darth Vader's beer fridge"

This sooooo suggests a case mod of this to me...
mramzi 5th September 2010, 13:29 Quote
More info on the HAF912 from

Exclusive Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced photo
mediapcAddict 8th September 2010, 10:37 Quote
Respect for coolermaster
9 backplates for your expnasion cards and usb mother board headers - finally a kit maker that understands - 9 should be the standard imho
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