Cooler Master Sniper

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Bindibadgi 14th January 2009, 10:55 Quote
But by design, it relies on case airflow to predominantly cool it so it's a better gauge of the case rather than any graphics card specifically.
Bluefan 14th January 2009, 11:26 Quote
True, but it depends on the airflow near the cpu cooler and not near the expansion slots, where most graphics cards need the fresh air.
rip97000 24th January 2009, 15:49 Quote
i'm wondering what the performance would be with all of the fans installed?
glenster 11th February 2009, 15:29 Quote
Is it as cool as the HAF 932 with the side fan installed and does that fan have a filter?
Blackwhite 12th February 2009, 10:22 Quote
Originally Posted by rip97000
i'm wondering what the performance would be with all of the fans installed?

I tried many options and the best seems to be 2x120 intake fans on side of case, one on the bottom + 2x200 front and top + 120mm rear fan.
The 200 mm fans are set at minimum (500 rpm) exhaust rear fan at 1000 rpm, 2x120mm intake fans on side at 600 rpm nad botom one at 600 rpm as well.Now is cool and quiet.

glenster - there are dust filters.

BTW - anybody tried put 240 or 360 rad on the top of case?Is it possible?
P965 22nd November 2009, 22:37 Quote
The new Sniper Black comes with a 200mm side fan.
leslie 23rd November 2009, 14:06 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
why can't we go back to clean, well designed cases with good airflow.

If only more thought this way.
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