Early Look: Cooler Master Sniper

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Krikkit 29th August 2008, 11:21 Quote
That's a pretty good-looking case. The fan controller does lack a little bit of subtlety, and the lack of a mobo tray is a shame (should be standard by now imho), but otherwise I think that'll be a good set of cases tbh.

I like the addition of a properly tall one too. :D
Neoki 29th August 2008, 11:25 Quote
Its ugly tbh. too bland
liratheal 29th August 2008, 11:28 Quote
That looks awful. Absolutely awful.
Bauul 29th August 2008, 11:31 Quote
I actually think it's rather pretty, but it's never going to appeal to the minamilist crowd anyway, so they might as well not bother trying to please to two polarised fan bases. All that cooling/quiet running potential sells it for me regardless of what it looks like.
Krikkit 29th August 2008, 11:38 Quote
I'm a big fanboy for minimalist cases, and yet, that case appeals to me somehow - maybe it's all the mesh. That, or the fact that they haven't gone ThermalTake on our asses, with BloobaerElitez0rs1! fans in there...
TTmodder 29th August 2008, 11:58 Quote
Urgh it's ugly.
Did coolermaster hire a former designer from thermaltake?
Mankz 29th August 2008, 11:59 Quote
That thing needs the MNPCTech treatment big-time...
mrb_no1 29th August 2008, 12:02 Quote
thats fecking ugly....not impressed
antiHero 29th August 2008, 12:17 Quote
I quite like it acctually. If the fan controller would be one of those "push to select" one it would be pretty nifty. And mobo tray is must! But i lime the lines and the mesh a lot
yakyb 29th August 2008, 12:17 Quote
i like it loads of airflow oudl presume it to be very noisey tho
Mankz 29th August 2008, 12:21 Quote
To expand on my rather one-sided views, some positives about the case:

Matt Black Internals as standard

Well set out insides with 120mm fans

Being able to control most of the case funtions from the front is a massive plus

Appears that the case would have good airflow

Built in handles are a very good ideas

However, negatives

Far too 'busy' for my likings'

The feet look too industrial for my likings
Tyrmot 29th August 2008, 12:37 Quote
As long as it has:
Dust Filters
*Quiet* Fans! - seriously, really quiet
Mobo tray if it's not too late
No door on the front
Maybe slightly less height to the fan knob

Then I would probably get one. I like the kinda rugged styling of it and plenty of airflow. All-black design works as well
_DTM2000_ 29th August 2008, 12:45 Quote
Although I like the fact it's black inside and out, It looks like someone repeatedly hit it with an ugly hammer. It's just far too lumpy for my taste. There's far too much use of grills too, it looks like an industrial colander. I like sleek minimalist cases and this aint that.
Gunsmith 29th August 2008, 12:55 Quote
i use a modified lian li V1000+ and i swear its the closest thing ive seen/used to "the perfect chassis"
Mikle 29th August 2008, 13:22 Quote
Damn its ugly oO
GoodBytes 29th August 2008, 13:48 Quote
What is the problem with case maker companies. Other then Antec SOLO or P182 series, it would seams that the best cases are from computer assembling companies like Dell and HP (high-end computers, of course).

Really, what is the point of the case mentioned in the article, it has so much holes that you are better off (and cheaper) to not use a case for your computer. Hey look kids! EXTREME cooling, you have all the air in the world to cool your computer! PLEASE!
A case should have everything to make a computer quiet, and reduce dust. Isn't THAT the point of a case?! Hens the reason why (ok fine, I, as I hated them, and never understood why they don't hire a designer of some sort...) we suffered with those ugly ass beige/yellow cases?!
It should have sound damping panels, vibration absorbing feets, everything to reduce optical drive and HDD noise, and properly engineered to have excellent air flow.

Look at my computer. I have the good old Socket 939 CPU... and if any one remember, it was a freaking heater. Even the OEM fan had a hard time to cool it off under some what of a "load" state. A Geforce 260 GTX OC, which by the size of the heatsink, you can guess (if you don't have the card) that it heats up quiet a bit, even under idle, the whole card is hot. And a dedicated sound card, and fanless motherboard chip set heat pipe to cool it off. And my computer is ultra quiet under load, and runs smoothly without any problem under heavy loads, with only 2 freaking fans on the case.

A stupid 120mm set to low that came with the case, and a 80mm fan, also set to low speed in the frontal slot of a 92mm fans. No door fans or anything else. Even the case can handle a second frontal fan of 92mm, but I don't even need to use it. And my CPU fan is not even turning (no joke) when the computer is idle (CPU temp: 38C), granted I changed the CPU heatsink. But the point is, ALLL these cases with wholes everywhere and side panel fans are just plain crap and useless. They probably push it, because they charge YOU the case as a "luxury", and it cost them less (less plastic used) for them. With my case, I am sure I can do SLI no problem. If anything, I can just add that missing frontal 92mm fan, and if I go with 3 SLI (well I can't mobo too old, but if I could) change the 80mm one with the 92mm as it should, and worst come to worst increase a tad the fan speed.

You don't need fan control(s), and you don't need holes every where, and you don't even need a side panel fan. It's all about case engineering, which is something that is totally missing. I mean what is the point between that 30$ case That I saw at a computer shop that came with a CPU and, I don't know... the Cosmos case. Both has holes everywhere, both are similar size, both are have the same ""features"" for the optical and HDD drive. Ok FINE the Cosmos case has 2 metal handles on top, big woup. 30$ vs over 100$, I think I can live without the handles.

Anyway, I guess until someone buy those crappy cases, they will still push for it. :(
Bluephoenix 29th August 2008, 13:52 Quote
I think that as long as the other alternative cases in the line follow other design (looks) routes, then the storm line might have something for everyone.

this one is obviously meant to look semi-industrial, great for those that like their post-apocalyptic or military-themed cases.

good points:
fan controller is good
lots of USB sockets on the front
plenty of space
easy component access
good handles

not so good points:
power button not lighted
obtrusive fan controller

fan controller could to to be less obtrusive (it would fit the theme well if it was a bit smaller, and not quite so tall)
put a ring around the power button with a light
take out the fancy drive enclosure system and just give us as many 5.25" Bays as you can!

personally I like the case, and may get it if they make some minor changes.
the 5.25" bays are big for me, as I use RAID alot and like to use my own hot-swap bays of choice. also I think the lack of a motherboard tray is a good idea. yes it takes longer to put the system together and is more of a hassle, but keep in mind all the stuff that normally has to be removed when sliding the tray out after its built. the holes in the mobo tray make up for that quite neatly, so it never has to be removed except for replacement.
Naberius 29th August 2008, 14:09 Quote
Coolermaster have designed some of the best looking chassis in the world, what the hell happened, this thing is plain ugly. Which wouldnt be too bad if you could do something with it, but it is also limited on that front.
Thacrudd 29th August 2008, 14:28 Quote
WANT, badly :)
Fyve 29th August 2008, 15:38 Quote
My impression is that they are keeping the same old Cooler Master line for those of you who like the sleek cases etc. Then there's the people who like the really "Bold" stand out design, like a lot of my friends. I personally don't like it, but I think the overall case would be perfect for my lan friends, these are the cases they just love. Lot's fans, can see the hardware, and stands out, they like that.
Blademrk 29th August 2008, 15:44 Quote
tbh, I wouldn't mind one of them thar cases. I quite like it.
biebiep 29th August 2008, 15:57 Quote
Bigger Fans = Quieter Fans and generally more air turbulence so more cooling!

Its a pretty straightforward performance case, and i can see it's only purpose really is to offer something to the crowd thats NOT antec900/1200 (which should be MUCH louder due to lack of proper fan control and smaller fans)
naokaji 29th August 2008, 15:59 Quote
besides that I would never consider it due to not liking the looks there is also a objective reason why to stay away from it, that reason has 4 letters and is called dust.
Bindibadgi 29th August 2008, 16:00 Quote
Originally Posted by biebiep
Bigger Fans = Quieter Fans and generally more air turbulence so more cooling!

In theory yes, however larger fans are also more susceptible to breaking if the central axle isn't strong enough, or the ball bearing noise is greater because the blades weigh more, or it's more likely to be unbalanced causing vibration. It's especially important to have a quality manufacturer.
The boy 4rm oz 29th August 2008, 16:02 Quote
I really don't mind how it looks, I like that rugged style. The fan knob is a joke though lol. Looks like an old car stereo.
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