Hiper Anubis

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Mother-Goose 2nd October 2007, 11:01 Quote
he simple fact though is that the Anubis does look good

xrob 2nd October 2007, 11:35 Quote
i like the interior, just pity they couldnt keep the plain simple clean lines on the outside too, the front, top and side are hidious.
iwog 2nd October 2007, 11:45 Quote
Woo for British design. Would say engineering but i doubt this case is made in the UK :(

I have wanted to know what the infamous Bit-Tech though of the case after i found ou tabout it a month ago. This might be my next case of choice if i can find the money for it.
[USRF]Obiwan 2nd October 2007, 11:53 Quote
And again a anoying door...
naokaji 2nd October 2007, 11:59 Quote
no slide out mobotray? boooh.... the heatsink like fins on the top look dangerous (in a negative way)...

oh btw.. can the door be mounted on either side so you get to choose to what sde it opens?

other than that, good review... keep them comming
Bladestorm 2nd October 2007, 12:28 Quote
<Broken record> Will Bit ever review the akasa eclipse 62 ? I can't fault the design and finish on mine, especially running pretty cheap for what it is .. A very solid, nicely performing case particularly good (imho anyway) as a base for modding. </Broken record>
phuzz 2nd October 2007, 12:32 Quote
Why is it that it's usually the more expensive cases that have loads of points to mount fans, but don't actually come with them? Perhaps because they expect anyone spending that amount of cash to have their own preferences for fans. Anyway, maybe it would be fair to review the case with a couple of added fans as well? Clearly stating that you're expected to buy your own of course.
Bindibadgi 2nd October 2007, 12:57 Quote
We mulled it, but this is how you buy the case and that's what we review. What fans do you use then? High flow, low noise? 80/92/120? We could be here forever.

As for styling, obviously it's down to personal preference. Personally there's only so many square boxes "with clean lines" I can look at before they get boring, and while I'm not alone in that thought I'm certainly not a majority. There was a very mixed reaction in the office (Andy from TR hates the look iirc) with it but the overall consensus after playing with it was generally positive. :)

Removable mobo trays are hit and miss, because it may be easy to take it out and install but getting it back in is sometimes more effort than it's worth. It depends on the hardware you use and your installation technique which varies greatly.
CardJoe 2nd October 2007, 12:59 Quote
The door can't be remounted, unfortunately and the heatsink fins on top aren't dangerous at all. :D
naokaji 2nd October 2007, 13:47 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
The door can't be remounted, unfortunately and the heatsink fins on top aren't dangerous at all. :D

bleh about the door...

about the fins.. well, i was just a bit concerned about that they could mark the return of cases one can easily hurt himself with.
Mankz 2nd October 2007, 13:52 Quote
I thought it would have been aweful when I saw its price, but I'm quite glad I was wrong.

looks like a nice case..
theprodigalrebel 2nd October 2007, 14:01 Quote
You guys take some really pretty pictures.
Very nice! /Borat
Cupboard 2nd October 2007, 14:06 Quote
Do the heatsink-esque fins actually do anything?
Tim S 2nd October 2007, 14:07 Quote
I believe if you rub your head along the top of the case, it acts as a comb. ;)
E.E.L. Ambiense 2nd October 2007, 14:30 Quote
I'm not too big on the design myself, including the door, and the fact that it doesn't have enough room compared to others in the price-range. Not for me, personally.
Naberius 2nd October 2007, 15:12 Quote
My god what is that, i have seen nicer looking things fall out of the ugly tree.
pendragon 2nd October 2007, 18:17 Quote
Originally Posted by Tim S
I believe if you rub your head along the top of the case, it acts as a comb. ;)

lol ..that made me chuckle ;)

I'm pretty indifferent about this case.. nothing really says 'awesome' to me.:|
KA-OS 21st January 2008, 21:07 Quote
I was foolish enough to buy this damn case before any reviews where put out . I actually like the look of it but "Buyer BEWARE".
I thought lotsa drive bays so maybe a rad in front or a triple space res...............Aint gonna happen!!!! Every single drive bay has a support running from the very front of the case to the back of the bays. And not the thin metal ones you can snip off or fold down. !/8 inch thick solid alum. So if you want to fill them all with dvd roms or any single slot device you're o.k. .......NOT every bay is about 1/16th of an inch too narrow. Dvd roms stop dead at the face plate. Front fan mounts outside in front not behind. Thank god it has a door, cuz your build looks like crap .
Also look at the rear fan area it is recesed into the case witch makes it even tighter in there, unless you mount it outside. Again looks like a sloppy build then.
Lastly Tthis case is not built from the ground up like the review states. It is pieced and welded together parts of NZXT's Adamas and a Sigma case. Do yourself a favor and look elswhere. I promise you will not be happy with this case at all. "TRUST ME PLEASE!!!"
CardJoe 22nd January 2008, 08:00 Quote
Hm. Dunno how much I agree with that. I have this case at home and, apart from the noise, it's been great.
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