Cooler Master Cosmos

Manufacturer: Cooler Master
UK Price (as reviewed): £140.56 (inc. VAT)

The Cooler Master Cosmos is one of the better named cases I’ve had a chance to look at. That may seem an odd place to start a review and it may not be something you think is particularly important – but you’d be wrong. The name is very important and, to put it poetically, a rose by any other name may well smell as sweet but it probably sounds a bit more stupid.

Imagine the scene – you’ve got a few geeky friends over for a go on the Wii or a round of poker and you’ve subtly left your freshly built PC out for them to see. Not in an obvious way, just so they have to notice it.

“Man, that’s a sweet rig! What case is that?” says one friend, falling into your carefully laid trap. At this point you’d be left with two options; ‘fess up to owning a case called the Xilence X1 or lose your chance at boasting.

Thanks to the (relatively) coolly named Cooler Master Cosmos, this is no longer a problem! You can (semi) proudly name your case for all your friends before they trounce you at Wii Bowling.

Cooler Master Cosmos Cooler Master Cosmos
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So, we’ve barely finished the introduction to the review and already we’ve got a tick in the box for the Cooler Master Cosmos. Can Cooler Master’s latest venture into the case market impress us equally on the looks and performance front, or is it an awful chassis with a beautiful name? Don’t ask me – read the rest of the review!

Star-crossed Lovers

From the moment I laid eyes on the Cosmos, which was back at the UK launch event a few weeks ago, I knew it was love. Back then the case had been decorated with a load of gorgeous Sapphire paint-jobs and it looked like the bees knees, whatever that is supposed to mean.

With easy-carry bars on the top and bottom, with the ones on the bottom functioning more as stands than handles, and a sleek brushed aluminium finish, the exterior of the case looks fantastic. Unusually, the door opens from the left and has the hinge on the right but a quick glance showed that, yes, the door could be remounted to the other side.

The door itself is fronted with shiny black plastic and hides six drive bays (five 5.25”, one 3.5”)which can all be removed easily without taking the whole front panel off. It’s not a killer feature, but it is a nice addition.

Cooler Master Cosmos Cooler Master Cosmos
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The case has some minor corporate branding on the front, with the Cooler Master logo at the bottom and the Cosmos emblem at the top of the door, the aluminium side panels also have small Cooler Master logos in the lower corners, but in all cases the branding is tastefully and discretely done. The Cooler Master badge is nothing to be ashamed about either, so there’s no real reason to bother trying to remove them in our opinion.