QuietPC D.Vine Media Center kit

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oasked 11th February 2006, 11:32 Quote
Wow, I want one. :)

Thats the nicest HTPC I've seen.
Veles 11th February 2006, 20:48 Quote
Yeah I was looking at that on the QuietPC site a while ago, looks really nice, I'm still not really sure why you would use a PC instead of some really high quality hi-fi equipment though. I know you can record and stuff onto your HD but surely a good piece of kit would be so much better quality.
Bindibadgi 11th February 2006, 23:05 Quote
Id have gone for a gig of PC3200LL, it would have been cheaper and you wouldnt have had a performance hit.
Flibblebot 12th February 2006, 19:43 Quote
I know this a tech site and everything, but I have to agree with Veles - why pay £1200 for a Media PC when you can buy a twin tuner PVR for a couple of hundred quid?
dom_ 12th February 2006, 20:11 Quote
Because it can do so much more than a pvr can.

Oh and if you wanted to kit your own one out for less you can buy just the cases from Quietpc they even do one that takes full size pci slots.
Sathy 13th February 2006, 15:30 Quote
Nice article, made me a bit more interested in HTPC's for sure!

One thing though, I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed:
Why'o'why are there fingerprints all over the case in almost every picture the panels are closed? and still I didn't see anything mentioned about it something that should be obvious or? *trying desperately not to swear* The only reason I can figure out for why you didn't clean the case before taking the pictures is that there must have been some sort of a hurrious situation.

Other than that, an interesting read once again, thanks!
Sathy 19th February 2006, 12:08 Quote
I wonder why it is, but this is the n'th time I've written something that atleast to me seems important and ... no response...wy'o'wy! =]
unrealhippie 19th February 2006, 16:01 Quote
Fantastic review, I would say Blackgold are refered to as one of the top cards tho, supposedly my nebula just as good as the blackgolds!
WilHarris 19th February 2006, 17:17 Quote
On the fingerprints: sorry! Will try and clean the case up better next time :)
Sathy 19th February 2006, 21:50 Quote
Originally Posted by mrhaz
On the fingerprints: sorry! Will try and clean the case up better next time :)

Ok Ok! you're forgiven! =]

Just made me wonder that I suppose that sort of a finish is ...touchy for fingerprints?

(corrected a typo)
luvbug 20th February 2006, 08:37 Quote
Personally, I don't like it. It looks generic - like all other 'comercial' HTPC cases I've seen. I'm still waiting for "the one" to rule them all...

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