Antec P180 low-noise case

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customh 25th January 2006, 22:15 Quote
Nice review, too refrigerator-esque for me, but it is a nice case and if its silent, well what the h***
stevehp 25th January 2006, 22:27 Quote
The review has one small error. The VGA duct has a spot for an 80mm fan not 60mm as the reviewer stated. I removed mine when I recieved my P180.
Techno-Dann 26th January 2006, 00:44 Quote
Originally Posted by Da Dego
TechnoDann, there is a space for a fan at the front of each hard drive bay. :) You can fit a normal 120 in there...

Not in the ones I've seen... I'll have to take another look when I build another one.
kenco_uk 26th January 2006, 01:28 Quote
Originally Posted by Firehed
I just picked up a SLK3000-B Antec case, and I'm quite happy with it.

Same here, too. Very nice case. I was umming and aahing over the P180 but couldn't justify the price at the time. It looks very nice admittedly and I'd probably go for one if I weren't so chuffed to bits with my current case.
PhillyB 26th January 2006, 02:26 Quote
nice review.

i also would like to comment on the wiring issue. it is very difficult to reach with the 4-pin 12v connector, mine barely reaches, and its kinda taught.

there is enough space for a 120 in the bottom front, but no mounting holes. youd have to mount it on your own.

i purchased mine at my pc shop two days ago, for a decent discount. it was damaged from the factory or by our customers, it did sit on a shelf for a while, so i donno who it was. it sat in the back for like a week, gathering dust. boss didnt know what to do with it, and i asked for it.

sooo the bottom fan filter clip is broken, so it does not stay shut. i got double sided sticky foam (servo tape for an RC car) and it stays closed now. all the panels are warped a tiny bit, so they dont look flat if you look down them. the front door does not close, the magnet is not nearly powerful enough (so i took mine off, it also scrapes on my carpet). the small plastic clips on the top and bottom of the side doors break easily, one of mine was completely snapped off, the other is broken but a tiny piece is still clinging on. the video card cooling device (takes an 80mm) did not fit into my system after installing a blue led silent 80mm fan. the fan hits my 6800 gt, so i removed it and all its parts.

i still love it anyway, its loads quieter than my other antec full tower. i love the 120mm fans! i recommend this case to everyone wanting a powerful system in a quiet case. (but we build it for our customers, they never deal with the wiring mess) it takes a good hour for me to do a clean install in one, normal cases take maybe 20 min or less to assemble, with the standard part list. we have one customer that has bought 3 and wants more!!! they look very professional in a business, and he loves the silence, much quieter than his old server cases.
sadffffff 26th January 2006, 10:11 Quote
havent enjoyed a bit tech article this much in a long time, or maybe i just dont like the video card articles or something. anyways, this was a great one! i enjoyed every bit of it. i especially loved the parts about the wife in there! pure gold!
MiNiMaL_FuSS 26th January 2006, 10:41 Quote
how long did it take u guys to get a review of this thing up!! wondered if you'd ever do one.
Tetsugaku-San 26th January 2006, 12:23 Quote
Originally Posted by eek
Umm, is this not it here or am i missing something?

and here:
Fozzy 26th January 2006, 15:22 Quote
My Modified Antec P180

The case rocks. It's huge. I liked it but it really calls for some paint which I suck at so I sold it off and started a new mod.
Impossible 26th January 2006, 21:34 Quote
Originally Posted by Cavedweller
I too would very much like to buy this case and fit watercooling in it.

I would imagine that if you loose the beefy 38mm (thickness) fan in the bottom you could fit a radiator there. Airflow there should be sufficient to cool it without a fan, or am i dreamin?

Even if i am, I'd imagine you could fit both radiator and a normal 120mm fan on each side of the bracket in the bottom, if one really wanted to.

[edit] Hey, i _own_ a dremel !!

I have had this case since the begining of december, i have grown to love it even more than i did on day one!

One thing i was suprised at was lack of area for a 120mm rad, i have ended up mounting it to the top of the case and am using the "chimney" as the exhaust, works well.

I am a keen dremeler, but due to the plastic "roof" i think this will make it a bit*h to cut to put a rad grill.

Overall i enjoy the case, cable routing did take a long time to perfect, and i agree with the ugly front statment in the review ;)

Etacovda 27th January 2006, 02:45 Quote
excellent review, well done :)
Drexial 27th January 2006, 04:14 Quote
well where i work we affectionetly call it the fridge and think it would look fitting for a kids noodle art stuck up with a magnet, but its layed out quite nicly. the only complants are a couple antec powersuplies that wont reach teh ATX connector. though i dont know what motherboards they used. i would be carful.

my majot complaint... its steel, they need to start making all cases aluminum,, there arnt enough of them, there is another antec case that i wanted to jump on, but it was steal, and not too convinient for lan parties... so i got the antec lanboy, not much of ti will be left when im done. but it should be nice.
Techno-Dann 27th January 2006, 05:22 Quote
I just double-checked... While there is space to wedge a 120x25 mm fan in front of the lower hard drive cage, some serious modding would be required to get it in there. There isn't a real mount, and there's a steel cage all the way around the area where the fan would have to go. That would have to be cut out, and then a fan could go in.
Hamish 27th January 2006, 10:36 Quote
Originally Posted by Drexial

my majot complaint... its steel, they need to start making all cases aluminum,, there arnt enough of them, there is another antec case that i wanted to jump on, but it was steal, and not too convinient for lan parties... so i got the antec lanboy, not much of ti will be left when im done. but it should be nice.
nothign wrong with steel cases, who cares about weight unless its a lan machine, in which case theres plenty of cases that cater to your needs better than a full tower (shuttle anyone?)
steel cases always felt more sturdy to me over wobbleh alu ones :p
anyone remember the good old cheiftec dragon, thing was built like a tank :D
Etacovda 27th January 2006, 22:37 Quote
steel is inherently quieter than aluminium at the same thickness, which is what id imagine was the thoughts going through the antecs designers minds.
sbdjaro 29th January 2006, 05:45 Quote
I was interested in this case even before this review. Today I finally broke and ordered it during my break. I found this review tonight while I was finding out what I got myself into, this review only confirms the reason I orderd it. Cant wait.. got 2 day shipping newegg!
KorruptioN 29th January 2006, 15:09 Quote
Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I think you should've removed that lower-chamber 120mm fan. The PSU should pull in enough air over the hard drives to cool itself to within specification. By not having the fan there, you could've had one strand of molex connectors go straight to the drives, making things just so much easier. Antec and SPCR only recommmend using that lower-chamber 120mm fan when using a passively-cooled PSU. Otherwise, you don't really need it and are just adding to the overall noise produced by the case.
Groovedude 29th January 2006, 21:29 Quote
looks wise i love this case, it was always the whole door thing that got me though, the doors on all cases seem to break off :S... start to squeak haha. :(
SNIPERMikeUK 21st February 2006, 15:35 Quote
This case is fantastic i must say, there are a lot of pointless bits inside which are easily removed (i.e. the 80mm card fan block), the idea of the PSU being in lower chamber is good actually, for the sole reason the 2 120mm fans at the top and back of the case draw all the heat away from the CPU ect.... making my PC run very cool indeed....and with them sucking no blowing the case seems to gather very little dust which cannot be a bad thing....

I have the SPCR in black which i purchased from, the front door is a little flimsy which is really my only niggle with this case, although it would look fine removed, as behind the door looks very attractive....

Inside my build is the new ASUS A8N32-Deluxe, with a AMD X2 4400+, Powercolor X1800-xt 512DDR3, Creative X-FI Fatal1ty Edition, Seagate SATA2 160gig, Plextor PX-130A DVD-ROM, Plextor PX-750A DVD/Writer, Geil One 1.5cas 3200 1gig (2x512mb)....

I find this to be a very silent case compared with my Antec PlusView AMG1000 I used last, the wasable air filters are gr8 they are the only thing i have had to maintain so far and they seem to be serving their surpose....

spiders69 2nd April 2006, 12:07 Quote
Does anyone know if the front door will close if you have fitted a the X-fi fatal1ty 5.25" drive bay insert?

Impossible 2nd April 2006, 22:27 Quote
there is around a 1.5cm recess between the front of the case and the clearence of the door.... suppose you could move the drive back a bit, but I think the rails would stop that.

The Bart Man 10th April 2006, 20:53 Quote
Externally the case looks verry nice
Only internally I really don't like that grey dull looking steel. It looks damm cheap. Also not so good modding factor fore this one. Also if you open the door it looks really cheap ass.
Give me a nice Lian Li V1100 looks supperB, just simple nice just right no fancy things just what you need!!
Soulmage 13th June 2006, 16:49 Quote
I had just purchaced the p180B and I have just a few comments (bought it even before seeing this review)

1: Antec removed the VGA duct

2: As for water cooling, a black ice rad should fit in the middle chamber if you remove the cage that is there. There are mounting holes to screw it in. Though not sure on how well it will pull in air or change the "silence" of the case.

3: There are ways to make the cableing more "nicer". It would just require a bit more inginuity.

All I have in it atm is a P4 3.0, 1gb Corsair Twin-x, XFX 7800 AGP with a cooler master Hyper 48. Before this that system was in a case built from a 20mm ammo can with a dual rad setup and it ran cooler than what it does now. 34 idle vs 40. That is also with fans on med and even still I have to struggle to hear any thing from it.

Any how, I will definatly be coming up with some mods for it and see what capabilities it might possess.
confusimo 14th October 2006, 10:17 Quote
Good review. I just saw it. And it took me here so I thought I'd commment.

I just got one of these at BestBuy a couple of moths ago and it is great. Not that roomy but I still managed to make it work. Correctly routing the cables in the P180 as mentioned before is obviously time consuming, but not not that hard. As mentioined at newegg and epinions some of the wires are also too short so that aids in being time consuming. Fortunately I was all good to go. Here's what I did.

I went to Fry's Electronics and got an ECS 915P-A v1.2 for 12 dollars. I know cheap city. But it works great and it was retail. Not even the seal was broken. Complete with manuals and everything.

Then a Celeron D 775 3.06 GHZ g4 bit. 1gb ram ddr. 160gb HD and 250gb backup. And BFG Nvidia 256ddr PCI Express Video card.

No removable motherboard tray. But still easy to install. The I/O Plate is the hardest to install. The rest easy. As long as I'm not using all the drives cables are no issues.

I already had a Antec Ture 430w power supply. Cable is long enough to reach. I just added a 20 to 24 pin converter. I t was long enough anyway. But needed the converter cuz of the mb.

Removed the black flat thing to make more room for the cables. Took out the 120mm fan infront of the Power Supply.

No need for a PCI blower even.

I put the antec 2 other fans on high and I got 1 on the CPU. And 1 northbridge fan I added. And I'm about 45c CPU and about 40c case temp. Not too high.

So never needed the 120mm case fan infront of the Power Supply.

And then that makes more room. Instead of bringing the Power Supply wires inoto the main area I can now keep them tucked under the main area right next to the power supply.

And the rest I do bring up can be hidden behind the 3.5 bays I'm not using.

Now 3 quarter of the motherbpoard area is empty and I'm not cramped with wires blocking my motherboard like before.

So it is pretty orgainzed compared to before and also alot quieter.

See my pics below

Both of them.

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