Coolermaster Centurion 530 and 531

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Etacovda 6th July 2005, 13:16 Quote
The side of the case, as we noted, has a built in duct for CPU cooling. The effectiveness of this will rather depend on where the CPU socket is on your motherboard - if it's right under here, then great; if not, it's pointless.

I believe its for prescott/lga775(?) certification more than anything...
offroadracer789 6th July 2005, 17:24 Quote
I just got the 530 about a week ago. Its also pretty easy to remove the floppy drive bay if you don't use it, along with the horrible centurian logo in the front. There are a couply of easily accessible rivets for the floppy drive bay. As for the logo just gently press on the backside of it and pull it off once you can get a grip. Its just held on by some double sided tape.
Stephen Brooks 6th July 2005, 18:46 Quote
When I saw the sidebars on the 530 my first thought was "Ah, here's a defence against getting your case accidentally scratched" as it looks like the sidebars protrude out a bit and will hit things first...
RotoSequence 6th July 2005, 18:57 Quote
Nice review, mrHaz; these cases look like good contenders in the value market.
Da Dego 6th July 2005, 19:15 Quote
Agreed. I may even have to pick up one of these puppies! Shame the shipping mitigates any discount newegg is offering. ;)
GuardianStorm 7th July 2005, 16:47 Quote
i am considering buying the 531, and i was just wondering if anyone could tell me where the IO panel IS, i cant tell from the pics.
Big_Den 22nd July 2005, 08:09 Quote
Good review.... gotta check these out.
Hiren 2nd August 2005, 17:14 Quote
Interesting that Coolermaster have already updated the 530 with the RC-532.
I'm definity looking at the RC-530 / RC-532 as my next atx case.
Supershanks 2nd August 2005, 17:57 Quote
Small group of 530 adopters here CM Centurion 530 review I added a 4-in-3 Device Module (STB-3T4-E1) to the Mix which is great ;)

PS: Scan - Centurion 530/531 £38.76
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